Youtube Monetization Latest Update

Youtube Monetization Latest Update- Must know to Earn from each View

Recently Youtube has finalized its monetization update, which they have published also. In this article we will talk about youtube monetization latest update. If you are uploading videos and publishing the video in youtube then you are making a huge mistake.

Moreover, you are going to face huge loss in your youtube channel.

In our today’s article we will know about Youtube monetization latest update in depth. So, lets get started….

Normally we know about the sign of Dollar ($) which is provided by youtube.

They are both yellow color and green. You may know that, there are two more colors available. These are red and grey. But, Yellow color has two more options.

Now, we will discuss what type of problems do you face.


Normally face the interface like this.

latest update on youtube monetization
  • Save


You just click on select files.  You directly select the videos in certain location and upload it in your channel. After that, you input the details of your videos in the details options.

When you click the next option you will find monetization option. Here you need to select whether want on apply monetization on the video.

Here you need to give self certificates.

After you click next and publish and publish the video then it will be a great mistake.

Because, there is a message of making your video private or unlisted thus  they become confirm that, they make it confirm that, whether video if eligible for monetization.

If it is eligible for monetization, then for some time in the beginning your video will find no ads.

In this case, you will get no ads in the video for the first thousand viewers. Normally, we find that, when we publish a video we get thousand of video in the first couple of minutes. These views give us no money.


Best Process to follow:


While you publish any video, you make it as private. After that, you will find that, in Monetization bar Youtube will give you a message and it will show Checking.

Moreover, they will need require 20 minutes to complete checking process.

Normally youtube complete the checking process within 15 minutes and it refreshes itself. If it is not done then you need to refresh it manually.

If monetization is eligible then Dollar sign will be changed automatically.

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These issues are already published in google’s official page.

Green Color Dollar ($) Sign:

Where it is clearly shown that, when the Dollar Sign will be green $ only after that your video will be totally ready for monetization.

You can derive full revenue from that video.

Yellow Color Dollar($) Sign:

It means there will be shown limited Ads on the video. There is copyright claim and eligible for revenue sharing.

Red Color Dollar($) Sign

It means there is copyright claim against the video and some other party who uses your content ID system has put copyright claim in the video. But in some of the cases, you may be able to raise a dispute.


These are the youtube latest update on monetization.



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