WhatsApp’s trick for knowing who’s online and when

WhatsApp's trick for knowing who's online and when
WhatsApp's trick for knowing who's online and when

There is a little trick of WhatsApp with which it is possible to know all the contacts that are online in real time and even their last connections.
WhatsApp is an almost essential application in the smartphone of any Spanish citizen. You could say that it is the most common method through the Internet to communicate with a loved one easily and quickly.

For that reason, any new feature, change or trick of whatsapp is of interest to a large number of people, such as the recent method to know who is writing to you without looking at the mobile or the way to make sure that photos and videos do not fill your phone memory.

In this case, you can learn step by step how to know who is online (even receiving a notification when someone connects) and when they have made their last connections.

Notifications when someone is online
It should be noted that this feature is not natively available in the WhatsApp app, so you will need to download and install a Google Chrome extension called WA Web Plus For WhatsApp.
Once installed you will have to do the following with Google Chrome open from a computer:

Go to Whatsapp Web and log in with your account.
Then click on the icon of the installed extension (which will normally appear to the right of the browser’s search bar, next to your other extensions).
When you do so, you will see the extension’s interface open, as you can see in the photo below. From the “Improvements” tab and the “Customize” section, activate the tick in “Highlight online contacts” and “Notify about online contacts”.
If you have successfully activated both options, you will now get a pop-up notification every time one of your contacts is online, in addition to symbolizing who is online by a green circle in their profile picture, .

More utilities of the extension
As you may have seen, the extension serves for many more things, as it also allows to put the dark mode to WhatsApp Web, customize wallpapers of chats, speed up audio messages or open conversations to contacts that we do not have saved.

It is also possible to hide that we are online, play audios without informing the sender and even blur the photos, names or messages in our chats, interesting feature if we are in the office p in a conoca lidar.

There is no doubt that this is an excellent extension to get more out of WhatsApp. Best of all, you don’t even have to spend a penny for it, as it can be downloaded completely free.

WhatsApp’s trick for knowing who’s online and when


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