Whatsapp tops Facebook Messenger In 2018

Whatsapp tops Facebook

Bad news on one side for Facebook, good news on the other. Facebook’s timing does not go hand in hand with criticism of various issues such as the information leakage scandal, the spread of false news or interference in elections. However, WhatsApp’s status on Facebook is sufficient. By using WhatsApp Messenger for the first time, Facebook was released. and W

WhatsApp is the most popular application in 2013. This information was revealed on Wednesday by AppAnnie, the state of mobile networks 2015, an organization of application analysts.

According to the report, WhatsApp has grown by 30% in the last two years. Facebook is growing by 20% and the messenger by 15%. The Instagram Facebook application for another year was better for two years. It has achieved a growth rate of 35%.

App Annie reports that Facebook is no longer the most popular application for mobile applications. When the monthly user account is counted, the Chat application’s WhatsApp messenger has overtaken Facebook. The acquisition of the application on Facebook in 2014. WhatsApp is leading Facebook in September 2012. However, Facebook has gradually regained its position.

Instagram was one of the most popular users on Facebook from January 017 to December 2017. However, WhatsApp has been at the top of the list since last September.

Given the user’s participation in social network applications, WhatsApp will be at the top of the list. According to Ann, it is the most used application in 2018 as a monthly user. Due to its user-friendly features, it is easy to accept users.

WhatsApp, which has dominated the market in the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, India and the United Kingdom. However, the first place in the American and French markets is Snapchat. WeChat, Line and CocoaTac applications are the best in the Chinese, Japanese and South Korean markets.

The time users spend in an application, they calculate the Annie App. They found that users spent more than half of their time on social networking applications on mobile devices. In 2018, social network application prices increased in 2018.

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