What is Negative SEO and Types of Negative SEO

negative SEO

Brief Outlook of Negative SEO:

In this article, we will be talking about negative SEO. We will also be talking about what are the different forms by which negative SEO can happen or occur. Moreover, we will discuss what are the different precautions and prevention methods by which you can remain into the safeguard.

And all the other things that happen around negative SEO. Most importantly as you already know the entire organic search depends on positive SEO. If there is something positive that has to be something negative.

If I say SEO in general, SEO means positive SEO. It means I am trying to do something organic that is something ethical but whenever I say blackhat or negative SEO that mean something unethical.

So I am trying to do something which is not according to the guidelines of Google or which is not according to the guidelines of search engine. Before doing anything else first we need to understand what negative SEO is.

negative SEO

Definition of Negative SEO:

Negative SEO refers to black hat technique or unethical technique to boost your ranking. There are two type of negative SEO. A) Either you can target of a computer which means you try to degrade the ranking of your competitor and do some negative SEO for them. Or you try to boost your ranking. So, you follow unethical techniques to boost your ranking. In both cases, you tried to improve your search result.

Different forms of Negative SEO:

Negative SEO attacks can be into a number of forms like hacking of a website. Someone hack your website and then write illegal or unethical content or they try to send backlinks from your website to any unethical website. You need to be protected from different Malware as well as different attack.

Another technique is creating spammed links for your website. Someone create thousands or maybe one lac spammy links to your website. It can be done through bots for your website and then this can degrade your website ranking. So they can use any unethical key term and then they just push your website for that particular item.

Another very unethical thing is copying your content. They spammer start copying all your content and then start pasting on different web 2.0 or any free blog side then spread over the internet. This is not considered good because at the end of your content is copied for more than hundred, 500 times, it will be considered as duplicate content.

Next thing is using bad keywords for your website. They create backlinks for keywords like cocaine, Viagra, porn, or any other such that keywords. They use unethical key terms and then send backlinks to you.


A keyword is something that Crawler or Googlebot focuses on. If they are sending backlink to you from a bad article or unethical article or with unethical key terms then that is considered as negative SEO. You should be careful about this very much.

Next form of negative SEO is they are creating fake profiles of you on social media or any different from post and then posting about your company or about your website. That is the reason I always say that, create your username whenever you register your blog or website.

So if you have a blog for example like moneybun.com. So you should try to get moneybun as the username for almost all social media. If I am not getting moneybun, then I should get moneybun official or something that is more standard to industry. There should not be spam with that particular link. Even if I am not using that particular username social media. I should just get that particular user name and then leave it. What will happen is it will create an authenticity about your name and username.

Next thing is they can try to remove your best backlinks. What they can do is, they can try to contact different website owners from which you are getting backlinks and then they can mail claiming that that particular person is you. If you are getting backlinks from forbes.com or if you are getting backlinks from a decent website which have good 40or 50 DA/PA.

They can contact the website owner and then say hey I am from moneybun.com and you are sending backlinks I don’t want. Or something related to that so you need to prevent all your best backlinks and your competitor or someone who is trying to do negative SEO should not be able to contact your backlinks owners with your name. You need to protect your identity on emails and other social media profiles.

One question is common to everyone and usually someone who is into SEO industry work with clients of freelancer or different companies or the corporate world or if you are working as an intern or someone who is into fresher this is one of the most common questions. Is negative SEO real or is negative SEO happens now also?negative SEO

Nowadays, Google is quite strict about this. But there are services available just for 5 to 10 dollars they will create one lakh 2 lakh links, fake blog comment links, that I was talking about blog spamming, keyword spamming. So what did you say run the bot on that particular bot with your website link? Spam different type of blog post with comments.

It is available and can be done as low as 5 to 10 dollars. Moreover, there are several forum post that are available you can check blackhat world you can check different type of Warrior forums. It is still there but it is quite low.

One major important thing that is, can negative SEO effective? It totally depends on how big as an organization you are. If you are someone who is new who have a decent block and you are just 5-6 month or one year only. You have a visitor of 1000- 2000 per day. No one is going to Target you.

Since you are already in competition with long tail keywords so it’s not going to affect you much. If someone is trying to do that because Google already knows how the ratio handle.

Most importantly you will not be having so many backlinks that you cannot verify them or filter them. If you get any bad backlink you can just try the click create a list and submit to Google.

negative SEO

As a small organization, you can filter your backlinks and you can track your social media, your surroundings, your reputation very well. But as you grow as an organization you have good number of visitors, you have good number of enemies as well as friend in the industry.

Then negative SEO is major problem but if you are someone who is doing local SEO if you are someone who has business online and you are getting 30 or 40- 50- 60 thousand visitors per month then it is not a major issue because no one is going to fight with you by spending good amount of money.

They have to spend for negative SEO with domain, comments payment, with articles, with different blogs. No one will spend good amount of money just for the sake of long tail keywords.

They will spend that money and find a good different long tail keyword. So if you are into small competitions no that will not affect. Because no one is going to target each other.

But once you are into a big Jungle of keywords like you are targeting some good volume keywords then yes there might be such competitions. At lower stage, no one fight with negative SEO.

So there is an example how negative SEO effects. Earlier this is an example of a website which has approx from 40-50-60 thousand backlinks and this was one of the standard website which is used by many search engine export and was hit by a negative SEO. So from this point which was around 50 60k they got around 5 lakh new backlink in a couple of one or two days.

On 13th December this is quite old graph so they have approx a gap of 500000 link and they were near about 80 thousand and the gain of 500000 new link in just one or two days.


So this is negative SEO. At this point of time, Google set alarm figure so Google Penguin which I have already talked about is one of the algorithm.

Just track this particular thing and a day match with different patterns with their different algorithm and if they find something spam with this they just triggered the alarm

So that’s how Google track negative SEO so I would not recommend having thousands of backlinks in single day. Even if you are trying to tell this build in slow momentum.

What will happen if someone try to do negative SEO on you even if you are trying to do negative SEO on someone side or someone is trying to do on your side are you are doing some wrong SEO for yourself so what will happen is Google penalty.

Google actually track all these things if the trigger with the alarm off Google Penguin or with content for Google Panda so they just Trigger the Sunday implement a penalty on your website regarding the copied content if you have a good large amount of copied content if you have spam links to Google Penguin will Trigger an alarm for activity about that backlinks.

If you don’t disallow them so if you don’t remove these bad links in 1 week or two weeks Google will actually take action against you and they will push down your ranking into some number of pages or they will just remove you from search for 1 month or some few days so they will implement Google par so you need to keep in mind all these negative SEO factors while implementing or while trying to do any unethical thing also.

Even if you are following wrong SEO strategy they will considered as negative SEO before ending this Article have added a link of a YouTube video that is from Google Webmaster itself so just watch the video and this video will help you to understand what Google is trying to do to stop negative SEO in next lecture will be talking about negative SEO how to fix unidentified negative SEO and prevent our website from attack.

So, enjoy blogging and stay away from negative SEO.

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