A Brief Description of Keyword

What is Keyword in SEO

In this article, we’re really just going to explore, what are keywords, and how people use them.  Keywords, for lack of a better term, are the way people think in a short format. People are inspired by ideas, they have questions. They just want to know something. And our behavior has changed dramatically in this age of search engines, because we have answers immediately at our fingertips. Keywords are the summation of people’s thoughts into actions on the keyboard. Around 91% of all adults go to a search engine nearly every day in order to find information. We will discuss about importance of keyword in SEO

The role of Keywords

When we look at what people do online. The number one thing that people do is they search, they use search engines as a gateway to find the information that they want and need on a daily basis. In fact, even when we look at the other activities that people perform online, they still use a search engine in order to find this information such as looking for information about their hobby, looking for maps, checking the weather, looking for product reviews or state and local news or information.

People use search engines as a way of accessing the vast amounts of information that is widely available on the internet.

What is Keyword in SEO

And so, what are keywords (Elaborated)?

Ultimately, keywords are summation of people’s needs as they type them in to the search engine. They are also the ideas that people have.

They may not be willing to act on those ideas but they want to know what’s out there, what is a good place to start in searching for information about a vacation or decoration ideas. Also, just basic questions that come up throughout the day in a household or in an office that need an answer.

Search engines have also become part of our everyday life when it comes to


Whether it’s researching a product, a Vacation or even for School, search engines are the first place that we go. But ultimately, when we try and search on any of these things, we are efficient in how we phrase those searches in order to type as few words as possible to access the most amount of information possible.

And so, we have to learn what are the keyword insights in matching the phrases people use to the answers that they want.

We want to deliver to them the product, the information, or the ultimate goal of what they’re looking for based on the limited information they give us of what they type into that search box.

Also, we want to develop keyword insights. Understanding that simply because they start with one word, there are vast implications of what they actually mean beyond that singular word. And how that then, determines how they use a website?

What words are most important to them?

What is Keyword in SEO

And when we can combine their behavior, based on understanding the keyword phrase they they’ve typed into the search engine, we stand a better chance of connecting them to their ultimate goal, and we are then able to

Build our business.

So the keyword life cycle and what we’re going to be covering in this

Course, is finding the keywords that will best match the searcher to your business.

We are also going to evaluate keywords and understanding which ones are important and which ones are not so important, prioritizing keywords of how to build a strategy and which ones are going to deliver the right kind of customer to our business.

Then, how to implement all these keywords into our websites to increase our visibility in the search engines. And then ultimately, how to measure those

Keywords to ensure that we are choosing the right words, and that we are getting the right searchers to our business, and helping it to grow.

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