Chat Marketing

Today’s business is all about attracting the attention of consumers. Chat marketing can be great strategy to grow business.

And to get ahead in business, you need to attract as much attention as possible and be able to convert that attention into paying customers.

In the past, business owners have used email marketing to get people’s attention.


The opening rates for e-mail marketing have been steadily decreasing. In an article by Mailchimp from October 2019 it was shown that the opening rate of emails in different industries is on average 21.2%.

What I often see is that you are doing well when you reach about 14%.

Compare this now with the Messenger platform, which has an opening rate of about 90%!

90% opening rates!

That’s why I put so much time and energy into this platform.

When Facebook made Messenger available to businesses, the digital marketing landscape changed.

At first, the automated features of Facebook’s messaging platform were great, but then Manuchat came along and took it to an incredible new level.

ManyChat works with Messenger so you can build conversations with prospects and customers.

This can be a complex questionnaire with a simple greeting or caption, extraction of contact information and customer reviews so you know who is more qualified or willing to buy.

You can also negotiate the bot, or you can step in and respond to the communication.

ManyChat is a great tool that can help you attract the attention of any business.

But it’s not just meditation, it also helps you build a relationship.

It is very important to build trust through conversation, and if you do it enough, if you have given them so much value, they will feel guilty if they don’t buy from you in the future.

If you are not already using Messenger and ManyChat as part of your overall marketing strategy, you are not alone. For many, it is still a very new and untapped resource.

So let’s finish some basics to make it work.

How to register in Chat Marketing apps.

There’s good news and bad news.

There’s good news: Signing up for multiple chats is free and you can do it through your Facebook account.

Bad news type: Setting up and designing a chat stream only works on a desktop. This is not really bad news. Just don’t expect to create and manage your chat stream on your phone. But who knows, maybe we’ll have this option in the future.

Configure your pages

Once you have registered for your Manas account, you will need to configure the pages for which you want to create a chat stream.

Log in to your account and click “Add new page”.

You will then see all the Facebook pages you manage. Select the page you want to activate and click Connect.

Now you can do a lot of cool things with the free version of ManyChat, but for just $10 a month you can purchase the Pro version, which largely unlocks powerful devices around the world.

So I would advise you to upgrade your ManyChat to a professional. With this subscription, you’ll have automatic runtime, customizable increment widgets, unlimited tags and much more!

My friend, a monthly investment of $10 is not a big sacrifice, and it will be worth it!

To set up your Pro account, go to Settings and click Billing. Then click on “Update”. A popup will appear with the words “Up to Pro”.

Please note, however, that the price of a professional membership depends on the number of subscribers.

The more customers you have, the higher the cost.

However, you should achieve a high return on investment if you are successful in creating enough value and marketing.

That way, your pro account will never be spent, it is an unavoidable asset.

Create your first flow

Now the Manychat utility is your automated bot element. However, I would call it chat or channel stream instead of bot.

I don’t make bots, I create channels.

First go to Settings and select the welcome text. This text is displayed to users before they interact with your channel. You can also customize the greeting by adding the first name of the potential customer or client to create a better relationship than before.

You don’t know the name of the person you’re thinking of, and what’s okay for now is not necessary for you to know.

One of the great gift marketers and business owners is now the fact that most people enter a lot of personal information into their Facebook accounts.

Here the name is automatically retrieved so ManyChat can easily add it to your outgoing messages.

Next, you may have noticed many sites that use multiple chats. After you click the Getting Started option, you’ll have other options under your greetings.

These may be: About us, contact, free resources.

These menus are part of the set and help to make a good first impression and take your brand to a higher level.

How do I install it?

Go to Automation and click on the main menu. Here you can add a maximum of 3 options and a maximum of 5 submenus.

You can use a menu to refer them to your product on your website, Amazon or Shopify, or on your YouTube channel.

You can use the Flow Builder to increase the possibility of inclusion.

With Flow Builder you can create complete conversations with text, images, galleries, lists, audio, video and more.

You can do this by linking one message to another that complements a specific action.

You ask them to build a relationship before you visit your website, subscribe to other social media, or buy their products.


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