Use of VPN services soars

Use of VPN Soars


Use of VPN services has skyrocketed in recent weeks. As we know, this type of tool is very useful for improving security on the Internet and also allows us to access certain content or networks from other places as if we were there. Many companies use them to allow their employees to connect to computers from anywhere in the world. In this article we echo a news item that reports on how VPNs are skyrocketing due to the coronavirus.

VPN services are skyrocketing
This whole coronavirus crisis is causing major changes in society. One way or another it’s affecting us all. One of the most visible changes for thousands and thousands of people both in Spain and in other countries is teleworking. Until now it was not something that was really widespread in our country, but these last weeks the number has increased.

What does this mean? Among other things, it causes users to use more VPN services. In the end it will sometimes be necessary to connect to the network at work. It is also important to always maintain security and to make sure that our connection is encrypted. However, it is always important to choose services that are reliable and do not compromise our data.

One example is the provider NordVPN. As we know it is one of the most popular in the market and has announced a growth of 165% of daily users on average. Search giant Google has claimed that VPN-related queries have grown 6-10 times in recent weeks. Other VPN providers such as Atlas VPN have indicated that their traffic has skyrocketed.

We are undoubtedly living in an era of change at all levels and also in factors related to our subject matter. VPN services, as we can see, are booming more than ever. They are necessary in many cases and highly recommended in others.

Many will wonder if all this increase can also affect the quality of service, cause a drop in speed, etc. Since Atlas VPN have indicated that so far has not affected their networks. The service continues to function normally and they are not experiencing any loss of speed or similar.
Working more safely
Most users use this type of service to improve security when working on the Internet. As we know a VPN is capable of encrypting our data. In this way we prevent possible intruders from accessing the information and putting our equipment at risk.

There are many VPN services that we can use. They are present for all types of devices and operating systems. However, we have to take into account that not all of them are equally secure. It is important that we choose correctly the tool we are going to use. The idea is to prevent it from affecting our security and compromising our information.

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