Turn WiFi into Electricity, The Future Without Batteries Closer than ever

Turn wifi into electricity

The future of electricity lies in wireless technologies; now turn wifi into electricity is finally possible. Batteries and chargers will no longer stay and (at least wired) to be a thing of the past. There are already advances in these fields, converting radio waves into electricity through antennas. The problem is that this methodology has not yet produced the expected results due to limitations.

Now, MIT researchers have perfected the technique, which was designed by Spanish engineer Tomás Palacios. Thanks to adjustments in the formula and changes in the materials, its performance has improved and it has been able to convert electromagnetic waves into direct current.

These are the antennas that turn Wifi into electricity

This technology isn’t really new. These antennas are known as rectifiying antennas. These devices convert alternating current from electromagnetic radiation into direct current electricity. Now these researchers have managed to improve the existing formula and have built one that is capable of obtaining such electricity from the WiFi signal, with a much higher performance and a radical change: to be able to cover large areas of land thanks to its low-cost flexible material.

The key to the success of this advance is in the materials. The rectennas that had until now had a rectifier that is responsible for making the change of current. This was made of silicon arsenide or gallium. This material has changed, and now molybdenum disulfide has been used. Its main advantage is its flexibility and above all its cost, as it is cheaper. This allows it to cover large portions of land and be easily malleable (roads, bridges, etc.).

This material if exposed to certain chemical elements reacts and its atoms are reorganized, resulting in it being able to be used as a switch and thus force the transition from semiconductor to metallic material. Series resistance and parasitic training, an unavoidable phenomenon in electronics that leaves a load on certain materials slowing down the circuit, decrease. It is still stored, yes, but due to the continuous change from one type of material to another this storage is done in a much smaller amount, obtaining a greater performance and better results.

Farewell to batteries, the future of these antennas

The aim of these new antennas is to do without batteries as much as possible. With this method, electricity would be constantly supplied to our day-to-day devices without depending on any autonomy. WiFi reaches all places thanks to its long range, so the installation of these antennas both in town and at home would completely eliminate the need for batteries.

In fact there is speculation with new users to take advantage of this technology of turn wifi into electricity. For example, we may develop ingestible capsules and the organism would send the patient’s health information to a computer. Batteries are dangerous for human beings and without them being fed by WiFi this operation would be much more viable.

The first experiments with this antenna have been fruitful, although for now its efficiency and power are somewhat lower than the current options. To give you an idea, this antenna can produce around 40 microwatts of power. These are exposed to typical Wifi signals of 150 microwatts. This power is enough to illuminate the screen of a mobile, for example, although it is still insufficient.

We should not yet raise our hands to rejoice as these are the first steps of a very large project of trun wifi into electricity. If it is successfully completed we can see a future in which the batteries and their percentages of charge and discharge would disappear. Can you imagine a world in which we would not have to charge our smartphones? All that’s left to do is rub our hands together.

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