Tox: Meet this fully Encrypted All-in-one Tool

Tox: Meet this fully Encrypted All-in-one Tool

One of the most important factors for users is privacy. Today our data has a great value on the network. There are many marketing companies that can find ways to steal information and then sell it to third parties or get us into a spam campaign. Fortunately, however, we can make use of many tools that focus on privacy and avoid putting our data at risk. In this article we are going to talk about Tox. It is a fully encrypted all-in-one tool. Tox: meet this fully encrypted all-in-one tool

The importance of maintaining privacy
We must always keep our privacy safe when surfing the net. There are many reasons why our data may be leaked. When using social networks, services and platforms on the Internet, we can filter out a lot of information that can be used against us.

Users’ personal data has an important value on the Internet. They can be used as we have mentioned for spam campaigns, to create targeted advertising or even to sell them to third parties.

All this is something we have seen on important platforms. After all, they trade in our data and therefore we have to prevent them from being available on the web for everyone. The use of legitimate and reliable software is very important.

Tox: meet this fully encrypted all-in-one tool
Why do we say it’s an all-in-one tool? Tox has what many users are looking for in one place. It allows you to send messages to other users encrypted from point to point. A way to prevent potential intruders from accessing those messages and filtering them.

It is also worth mentioning that Tox allows you to make voice and video calls. This is something that is increasingly used by users and it is important that we choose a tool that really protects our data. It is a reality that certain programs on the Internet can be maliciously modified to put our security and privacy at risk.

Tox: meet this fully encrypted all-in-one tool

But in addition to this, besides being a messaging program, making calls and video calls in an encrypted manner, it also allows file sharing. File transfer on the network is something that is widely used by users and it is important that we choose a tool that really protects the information and cannot be filtered.

Multiplatform and decentralized
It should be noted that Tox is a multi-platform tool. This means that we will be able to use it on most operating systems. It is present in Linux, macOS, Windows, iOS and Android.

Unlike other similar services such as Skype, Hangouts or Facebook, Tox is a decentralized tool. This means that it has no intermediaries. Our information does not go through a centralized server, but directly to the recipient. This is something that greatly improves privacy and is highly valued by users.

Tox is an open source tool. This means that your code can be audited for possible problems that compromise our security and privacy. Although it is safe, as with other P2P programs it can filter data such as our IP address. This means that if we want to improve our privacy, we can use VPN services.

There are different clients that we can use for Tox. One of the most popular and the one we have tested is uTox. We can download it from GitHub. There you will find the different versions for the operating systems we have mentioned.
Once we run it on our system we will see that it shows us the initial configuration. We don’t need to register and we can create a name for ourselves, as well as have a Tox ID. We can also create groups with other users, for example. In the settings we can find some aspects that we can configure.

As we have mentioned uTox is one of the most popular clients, but it is not the only one. There are others that we can use as well, always based on Tox’s principles and end-to-end encryption.


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