Tips for your mobile to last more than two years

Tips for your mobile to last more than two years

Do you want your Android phone to last more than two years? Pay attention to these tips so you can make the most of it.

Today, it has become common in the market to renew the phone every two years. But many users do their best to try to delay this. So they are looking for their mobile to last longer than these two years, which is the usual period for switching phones today. To do this, there are a number of tips available.

Thanks to these tips it will be possible that this mobile will last more than two years. So that you can enjoy as much time as possible from this Android smartphone. The best thing is that they are simple tips, but they can be of enormous help in this process.

Choosing your phone

The first step for an Android phone to last more than two years is the phone’s own choice. There are devices that are designed to last longer because of the way they are made. Nowadays rugged smartphones are quite common. They can be a good choice if the resistance and durability of the phone is something of great importance to the user. This way there are more guarantees that it will last longer.

But you also don’t have to look only within this segment of rugged smartphones. Many brands are introducing rugged models in all their ranges. LG is one of them, with devices with military certification, which demonstrates the resistance of the same, in its middle range and entry range. Therefore, it is another option if you are looking for a mobile that will last more than two years, this is something to keep in mind.

In addition, it should not be forgotten that in many cases, high-end Android models use better materials. For this reason, on more than one occasion it has been said that a high-end mobile will last longer, although this is not always the case. They tend to last longer. Especially with the improvements that have been introduced, such as Gorilla Glass, etc.

Covers and protectors

Another essential aspect for an Android phone to last more than two years is the use of cases, housings or protectors in general. There are accessories designed to make a device last longer. Therefore, the recommendation is to make use of them. A case is essential today. So that the phone can be protected against falls, knocks or the entry of dirt at all times.

Although also a good maintenance of it, as well as of the mobile, is necessary. Therefore, it is necessary to clean this cover with certain frequency, since it is habitual that dust accumulates in the same one. The same thing happens in the case of a carasa, which is also frequent that dust accumulates in it.

Therefore, when buying a smartphone, before starting to use it, it is important to have a case or casing to use with it. This ensures maximum protection at all times. An essential aspect if you are looking for a mobile phone that will last at least two years.
The aspect of formatting the phone is something that generates controversy. But it’s something that many recommend to do every once in a while, as a way to improve the performance of the device. While this is something that is still very much discussed. There are users who notice an improvement in the performance of it. Therefore, it is something that is still recommended.

Although it depends on each case. Probably there are users who notice that there is an improvement in the performance of the phone. The frequency of such formatting may vary, especially depending on the use and age of the device. But it is good to have this option always open, if you want to extend the life of the mobile for just over two years.

For those users who don’t know how the phone can be formatted, the steps are explained here. It’s not a complex process, although it’s good to be sure of the way it should be achieved.

Beware of Extreme Temperatures

It is normal for users to be careful at all times when using their mobile. But it is always good to remember that you have to be especially careful with extreme temperatures. Due to the problems that can generate in the device. Therefore, do not expose it to extreme temperatures, especially high temperatures. Excessive heat is a really bad thing for an Android phone.

The phone’s battery is a component that is especially sensitive to such high temperatures. Most phones have a lithium battery, which may even lose efficiency in some cases when exposed to too high temperatures. The rest of the phone’s components also end up suffering. That’s why it’s something to avoid.

The cooler the phone, the better, the fewer operational problems there will be in this regard. The high temperatures were one of the original problems of fast charging in Android, which caused the mobile to overheat, with the consequences of it. Fortunately, this is something that has been corrected in the current types of fast charging.


Keeping your phone up to date is essential to its smooth operation. Something that will help keep it working properly for more than two years. Both the updates of the operating system itself and the security updates that are released periodically. Both are essential for an Android phone today.

In these updates, improvements are introduced, as well as possible faults that have arisen in the functioning of the device. Thanks to them you will be able to keep your mobile in full operation longer. Security patches are something that tend to be ignored, but should never be done. Because they can be vital to users.

They protect against threats that exist at that time. The entry of malware or viruses in the mobile can be something fatal for it, as well as reducing the chances that it will last two years or more. So it’s essential to keep your patches always up to date. It’s also best to download apps from trusted sites. It reduces the likelihood that malware will get into your phone.


A common trend among users is to install too many apps on their Android mobile. Many of these applications are not used or after a while stop using them. But rarely is the time when they are uninstalled from the phone. A common error, but it has a noticeable influence on the operation of the device. Because they are taking up space on the device at all times.

So they limit the available storage space. In addition, there are applications that run in the background, even if the user is not making use of them. This results in poorer device performance. So applications that are not used on the mobile have to be removed. There are many ways to uninstall applications. So it won’t be a problem.

On the other hand, the recommendation is to try not to install too many applications. There are a number of applications that are convenient or essential for Android users. Therefore, it is better to install only a few that are really going to be used. It allows a better management of the storage space. Especially if many of them are not going to be used.

Don’t use it while Charging

This is a piece of advice related to the subject of temperature. When the phone is charged, it is common for the temperature of the phone to increase, even if it is a little. This increase may vary from one device to another, but it is real. That’s why it’s best not to use your phone when it’s charging.

Unless something really necessary at that time, such as receiving an urgent message or mail, let the phone charge without using it. The reason for this is that using the device will cause the temperature of the device to rise. Something that could have a negative influence on the operation of the device.

Do not close applications continuously

When you stop using an application on your mobile, many people bet on killing it once they stop using it. This is useful if you are not going to use the application for a long time. But in the case of applications that are used regularly, or that are going to be used soon again, it doesn’t make sense to do this. Android’s own manager is already in charge of keeping this app inactive, which makes it consume less.

But if the user constantly closes apps and then reopens them, more resources will be consumed on the mobile. Energy consumption also increases. Something that nobody wants. That’s why it can be avoided in this simple way. In addition to helping the mobile last more than two years.

Task Killers and apps to clean the phone: Forbidden to use them
It is not that it is forbidden to use them, each user can do what he wants with his mobile, but the installation of some of them in Android does not make any sense. Task killers applications are completely useless, that only does is kill apps, something that the user can do himself, as mentioned in the previous section. For that reason, its installation supposes a consumption of space and resources in the mobile that really is not necessary.

The same applies to applications for cleaning the phone. These apps don’t do anything that the Android manager itself doesn’t do. In addition, depending on the brand of the mobile, there are space managers who are responsible for cleaning space on the device frequently. So an additional app doesn’t help. It’s just going to take up space and consume resources.

How to save battery your Android mobile without you noticing

The battery is still the main headache among users with an Android phone. It is something that must be pampered very much, so that it will last as long as possible in the best conditions. The number of tricks to increase battery life is infinite, and every few years new ones emerge. Although there isn’t a formula that will work in all cases, unfortunately.

Therefore, it is best to try to take maximum care of the battery of the device. Do not expose it to extreme temperatures, charge it when necessary, try to use appropriate chargers in terms of amperage, turn off the mobile when not needed, to give it a break, etc.. Nothing new or surprising, but it can help a little in this regard. Thus, to be able to use this Android mobile for more than two years.

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