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The computer Mouse

Launching “The Computer Mouse”

The mouse is used to play with the computer. But what if the mouse is an entire computer? Recently, such an instrument has been created. It is called’The Computer Mouse‘. There is a small screen in front of the mouse and a keyboard on the side. If necessary, you can insert this keyboard into the mouse. The Raspberry Pi computer card was used to create this computer.

According to the NDTV Online report, YouTube has published a video called the electronic grenade on the computer mouse and its creator. The zero card of the raspberry pie, a gigahertz processor was used in this computer. The mouse was also made in 3D printing technology. It’s a little bigger than the normal mouse. In front of the mouse is a 1.5 inch OLED screen. Sliding keyboard at the bottom left of the mouse.

We played the Minecraft game using the mouse computer on the video, its creator showed it. After the computer started, it took 40 seconds to start. In addition to using a computer, different types of typing work were seen in the video.

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