Teleworking? Tips to avoid safety or speed problems


The way we communicate, inform ourselves, work or study has changed a lot with the arrival of the Internet and all the possibilities that technology offers us. Recently there has been a lot of talk about teleworking. More and more companies are allowing their workers to work remotely from their home or any other place. However, this could also lead to certain problems if we do not take action from the outset. Therefore we will give a series of tips to work remotely safely and also to maintain the speed and quality of the connection.

How to telework safely
First of all, we will give a series of tips for teleworking in complete safety. Some recommendations to not put at risk at any time our systems and, ultimately, that nothing affects our privacy. Fortunately we can carry out a series of essential advice, as we will see.

Use security tools
A basic thing in any place and situation is to make use of safety tools. This will allow us to surf the Internet in a protected way. There are many antivirus programs, both free and paid, as well as many other security programs that are designed to protect us on the network.

It is important that we keep this in mind to protect our computers. If we are going to telework from home we will need to make sure that the systems are safe, not have problems when surfing on sites that can be dangerous, protect ourselves in case of downloading malicious files by mistake, etc.

Therefore we can say that one of the most basic premises and that we must apply is to make use of security tools. Luckily we have a wide range of possibilities, far beyond anti-virus.
Keeping our computer updated
It is also important to have the equipment updated correctly. Sometimes vulnerabilities arise that can be exploited by hackers to carry out their attacks. It is essential that we have the latest security patches and updates installed.

Our advice is to always be vigilant. We must be aware of whether vulnerabilities have arisen or patches are available that may be needed. This is something we must apply regardless of the operating system we are using, as well as the type of application we are using.

Make use of VPN services
VPN services are very useful if we want to telework. They basically allow us to simulate our location virtually. We can, among other things, access work networks from our home. It also incorporates certain security functions, such as encrypting our connections.

Creating backups
Our teams are not exempt from suffering some security problems. It is clear that even if we take necessary measures we can always leave a gap, a vulnerability or anything else that puts our files and information at risk.

To protect the content of our work, of the tools we use, it is interesting to create backups. This way all the content will always be protected correctly.

Properly encrypt your computers
Another important piece of advice is to encrypt the equipment correctly. We must use passwords that are strong and complex. They should contain letters (upper and lower case), numbers and other special symbols. This way we will avoid the entrance of possible intruders.

But the same applies to possible work accounts or any other tool we use. All of them must be correctly protected with passwords.

Use only official and reliable programs
Of course, another basic point is to use only official programs that are totally reliable. In this way we will avoid using software that has been used in a malicious way. It is always interesting to download from official sources and guarantee pages.

It is true that sometimes we find ourselves with the possibility of installing additional add-ons with possible improvements to those programs. However, this could also lead to security problems.

Separating work from personal use
A final safety tip is to separate work from the personal use we owe to the team. For example, know how to correctly separate e-mail accounts and not to compromise work accounts. The same goes for using cloud services, browsers, etc. It is important to separate work and personal life in these cases and not make mistakes that put security at risk.

Maintaining speed and signal quality
It is also important to maintain the speed, stability and quality of the signal. We can’t work properly if our Internet is slow and doesn’t work properly. It is therefore interesting to bear in mind certain tips that we can put into practice if we have decided to telework.

Opting for cable versus Wi-Fi
One of the most interesting tips to always maintain the quality and speed of Internet connections is to choose cable over Wi-Fi. This way we can avoid slow connections or interruptions.

It is true that wireless connections are more capable today than a few years ago. We can enjoy better speed, stability and quality. In addition, many computers are compatible. However, if we want to avoid any kind of problems, the ideal is to connect by cable whenever possible.

Keep the router in good condition
It is essential to keep the router in good condition. After all, it’s what will provide us with a good Internet connection. If we want to maintain the speed and quality of the signal, it is vital that the router is in good condition. This means that it is protected (strong passwords should be used, the factory settings changed and correct encryption used), as well as updating the firmware when possible.

The router is, in short, a key part of our teleworking. We must ensure that it is in perfect condition if we are going to work from home and we do not want to suffer any kind of inconvenience.
Having the systems up to date
On the other hand, our systems and tools we use must always be up-to-date. Not only for security, as we mentioned before, but also for performance. With every new version that comes out we can enjoy significant performance improvements. This means that we will be able to enjoy a faster connection if everything is updated correctly

This must be applied to any software we are going to use. This applies both to the operating system itself and to the different tools we are going to use for the job.

In short, these are some interesting tips if we are going to telework. We have selected a series of important recommendations to maintain security and not suffer any kind of problems that could compromise our privacy. We have also given some recommendations to maintain the speed of the Internet, as well as the quality and stability of the connection.

In the times we live the fact of working remotely is increasingly present. This also means that we must take measures if we want everything to go correctly and not make mistakes that may affect us both at work and personally. Luckily there are tools that help us, as well as good advice that we have mentioned in this article.

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