Sony Has Launched New Puppy Robot “Aiba”

Aibo robot

A small robot puppy has been launched on the American market, named Aibo, a world-renowned technology company “sony”. However, whatever the size, the price is not within everyone’s reach!

To buy this puppy on the American market, you must count 2 899 US dollars. But at first the price seems excessive, but when the robot starts to play with you, it may seem that the money is not in the wasted at all.

On the occasion of “Aiba”, Sony announced that some of the most advanced technologies, such as Reboots, Artificial Intelligence and Sensor, have been used to create this robot. Where this robot was placed with the eye of the OLED, it seems that the living dogs are blinking. You can change the color of your eyes using the “Aibo” application on your mobile phone, and see which picture you took with the camera placed on your nose. You can also view information about the surrounding environment, with its sensors installed in your body.
So, by adjusting the sensor information, how to avoid obstacles on your way by setting’aiba’. With the camera, he will recognize you and the people around you. In this way, the Aibo will learn day after day, and become more intelligent. You can also teach him things like shaking hands or hi-fi, but he may have to explain things to him a few times like a live puppy.

But it is not only the latest technology that has been manufactured by Sony. There is also a big surprise in its external infrastructure. In general, we understand the limited range of robots, which is quite surprising in the case of’Aibo’. Thanks to the many articulations of one or two axes,’Aibbo’ can easily climb to the table, sit upright, and before the Lord, move a tail like a living dog.

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