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Do you use the iPhone? For iPhone lovers, a photo session entitled “Shot on iPhone” was organized by Apple iPhone Apple. As part of the open competition, iPhone users aged 18 can submit their photos on their iPhone.

In addition to Apple officials, some judges will select the top 10 best photos. These photos are used by Apple Billboards in various promotions. In addition, these photos are also uploaded to websites such as Apple Newsroom, Instagram Channel,, Retailer Store, WeChat, Twitter. This announcement was made in Apple’s press room. The contest began on January 22nd and ended on February 7th.

Apple’s competition has already been criticized. Apple authorities first asked the winners to thank them for the photo. Professional photographers. The author Apple Tremor Mailman wrote an open letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook. In that letter, he criticized competition for the use of commercial images for photographers. Also, ask the photographer to pay the price of the photo shotoniphone.

As a result of this letter, Apple’s authorities amended their competition rules. Now Apple has announced the payment of the 10 best photos on the photo. But the royalty did not say how many.

Photos taken with the iPhone can be published on #ShotOniPhone with Instagram and Twitter. WebU users can also participate. The legend must be added to the iPhone model. Outside firstname_lastname_iphonemodel by file format as shotoniphone @ apple. mail can be sent to com. Editing photos with the photo taken directly from the iPhone or editing with the other tool can also be sent.

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