Safety tips of Facebook

Facebook Safety tips

Your Facebook account is referred to as your personal property. It is very important to know how to use it properly. It has its own personality, individuality, good and evil and much more. There is a great danger and a great danger that you can bring with you. There are many things related to Facebook, and also many bad things. The job of a smart man is to turn away from evil things.

Facebook Safety tips

Remember that every Facebook event on your friends list goes to everyone. This means that if you give him like, your friends in your friend list can easily see it in the photo. So they know where to comment. So when you comment, be careful, think about it, because it’s good to be good, but if you have something bad, think about how you’re being treated! In this article we will discuss about Safety tips of Facebook

So let’s see what happens to the Facebook that is connected to us should be careful.

  1. Like:

First Safety tips of Facebook is Like. It’s like Facebook is a very expensive thing. Like good sites and good things. There will be some things that will be in your Facebook wall that will make your life easier, easier to learn, learn, learn, learn and benefit from.

And on some of the sites or news that you like, it’s bad. What happens then is that your favorite photos, posts, pages, along with friends, family members, are traversed. Where will you respect me? It will destroy your respect and your time, and it will also destroy the extent of sin. You will be treated badly day after day. You will be mental patient.

So give like in ¬†Facebook by judging the good and the bad. It doesn’t make sense to like the front.

  1. Join in a group:

Like those who like to join groups or groups, this is just as important. Before joining a group, check how good the group is, whether you are useful or not. Because something bad and unnecessary can’t give you anything good.

3. Facebook friend (FACEBOOK FRIENDS):

Facebook will make you friends, and whoever makes you friends is very important. Before you accept a friend’s request, make sure you know if he or she is a friend of your best friend. Do not send a request to a friend of a stranger and do not accept it.

Because if you are a friend of a terrorist or a bad person, the consequences will not be good for you. The police at home will not be surprised because it may be due to your sympathies, actions, groups or friends on Facebook. Check your friends list today and see if you have reliable and unnecessary friends.

4.  Chat (Facebook Chat):

Be careful when chatting on Facebook. There’s no point talking to someone who doesn’t need it. Use Facebook chats to make your work better and better. You can talk to someone you know or want to say something about yourself for a long time. But then there’s nothing like that about how you feel and what to do with a stranger. So an unidentified car friend is fine and I’m not going to say anything good for you.

It’s also good for you to know that if you leave Facebook and watch your words, you don’t have to do anything.


  1. Introduction on Facebook and participation in interviews

There are many people who have visited Facebook to meet someone who visits them. It could be a boy or a girl. Think of those who do or don’t think it is safe. Money, money and your precious life can also go away from your mobile phone. So be careful.

  1. Upload and register pictures

Today the disease has become a disease wherever you are, download your mobile phone and check in for your flight. I also saw the victim’s family uploading the self-load. Have you ever thought about how many of your posts are busy? Additional check-in is useful for those who want to hurt you.

It’s better not to share photos of girls and kids, especially on Facebook. My little sister’s picture was with all of us. I don’t think I shared a picture with Facebook. Result: A few days later, a photo of my sister from the photo opened a Facebook account and sent me a friend request.

But in a short time you can upload your special photos. I hid it later.

7. Facebook Status

The Facebook status contains many things about your personality. As much as possible, right, good, good, good, good, good, good, status, please. Please refrain from writing articles against a person, group or community.

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