How to Recall an Email in Gmail

Recall an Email in gmail

Learn How to Recall Email in Gmail:

Have you ever sent an email by mistake, which you will regret later? Have you ever clicked on the send accidentally button before composing a complete email? Sometimes sending the email to the wrong person to whom it wasn’t supposed to be sent? If you have experienced such a situation and want to overcome it in the future, then you have come to the right place. This blog to cancel sending Gmail after 30 seconds will let you know how to recall an email in Gmail after 30 seconds. Gmail is the web-based e-mailing service used by almost all users to send and receive e-mails. But sometimes a user sends an e-mail and then realizes that he or she has done something wrong and wants to remind people to send the e-mail in Gmail. Now, the question is whether it is possible to cancel the sending of Gmail after a certain time. If so, how? Given this user problem, i. e. the sending of an incorrect e-mail and its subsequent implementation, Gmail has an integrated function to cancel the sending of an e-mail within a certain period of time. A user can use it and overcome all these circumstances to recall a Gmail message after sending.

Reasons of Recall of Email in Gmail:

1. A user sent a confidential email to the wrong person. In this case, it becomes really risky if the recipient uses this information incorrectly.
2. A user prepared a complete email but forgot to attach the required document or attached the wrong document.
3. An accidental click on the send button in the middle of writing an e-mail.
4. A user has sent an official e-mail without checking spelling and grammar at that time, he/she wishes to cancel it.

How to Recall email in Gmail:

Gmail has an integrated function that allows users to call back an email after 30 seconds. Now, to use this feature, the user must change the settings of their Gmail account. To do the same, simply follow the steps below and cancel the sending of Gmail after 30 seconds:
1. First, to cancel sending Gmail after 30 seconds, log in to your Gmail account using a valid username and password.
2. Then click on the gear icon in the upper left corner, then on Settings.

Recall Email in Gmail

3. Then, go to the Undo Send option in the General tab and check the Enable Undo Send option

Recall an Email in gmail

4. Now, you can set the Send cancellation period from 5 to 30 seconds based on your choice

Recall an Email in gmail

5. Next, you need to scroll down the General tab page and click on the Save Changes button

Recall an Email in Gmail

After correctly following these steps to recall messages sent in Gmail, a user can easily cancel sending messages in Gmail after 30 seconds as well. This will help users to overcome all the situations mentioned above when sending an email. Each time a user sends an email via the same Gmail account, a message appears at the top of the Gmail screen. From there, you can cancel the sending of Gmail after 30 seconds, a user can choose the option Cancel sending or View message.

The pop-up window will be there for the seconds that a user has mentioned in the option to cancel the sending period. In this way, it becomes easy for users to avoid such situations. However, in the same way, a user can also delete a particular message from Gmail. Thus, it would be better for a user to also backup his Gmail account and overcome any type of data loss situation. We covered the method how to recall an email in Gmail after 30 seconds.

Our recommendation
We suggest that all our users use the Gmail backup tool to get a backup of their Gmail account so that they never have to worry about losing email in their Gmail account. This advanced application will certainly make your Gmail account a star holder position.

How to retrieve emails sent to a Gmail account is a very important question that is very well asked that use Gmail as their business account. We covered the method of recalling a message in Gmail after sending it within 30 seconds.

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