How to Increase Website Traffic Using Quora

Quora Traffic

You start blogging and work tirelessly on your content, but nobody reads it.

It’s like a presentation in an empty room. No matter how much information you have to share, nobody will notice.

You are sure that if you can get more traffic on your blog, the content will leak.

But even if you go away from your last position, you’ll have to restart the process next week.

It’s exhausting.

But what would happen if there was a strategy that could bring traffic not only to your last message but also to the future?

What if the same strategy were as effective as a guest blog to attract new visitors, but faster, easier and without you having to share your ideas with others?

What if, thanks to this strategy, you could work with some of the biggest names on the network?

Don’t you want to know what the strategy is?

Not only is Quora an incredibly fun and valuable product, but also it can help you get more traffic to your website. Quora is a question and answer site. The content is often of very high quality and there are many active viewers. There are also people who are very successful in certain industries and who are very active on the site.

Here are my best tips on How to increase website traffic using Quora  to your blog, product, website, etc.

Scout it Out

Check the level of activity of your target audience to get an idea of the effectiveness of content creation in Quora. As a starting point, see the answers to the question “What are the most followed Quora topics in 2013? You can see that technology, science, business, movies, travel, health and wellness, and encounters are among the most active.

Just because your niche isn’t among the most active doesn’t mean you won’t get value from Quora. Also ,do qualitative research. Review the topics and questions in your space to see how active they are and how many followers they have. Question statistics usually appear just below the fold on the right side.

Before diving to answer questions, ask questions, blogging, etc., follow some questions and navigate through the Quora content to learn about the “tag” and how people use it.

Answer the questions


When a person asks or follows a question, they have expressed a desire to receive information about it. By answering this question in a thoughtful manner, you will help them and establish yourself as an expert.

Most people who follow the questions will receive an email with their answer in the body. Many people are very involved with your inbox, so you have a good chance of getting their attention. At least everyone who follows the question will be notified when they are in Quora.

Check the number of followers on specific questions (as noted above) to determine what type of content would be useful to the general public. These questions will probably give you the best return on your investment.

Quora’s blogs

Quora has her own blog product. You can use it to produce and distribute blog articles, as well as a blog on another platform. Blog posts, as well as questions and answers, appear in the message feed on the user’s home page.

You can send messages from your main blog to your Quora blog, but keep in mind that Google may downgrade your search for duplicate content.

Choose the appropriate categories for your blog so that it can be seen by people who follow these topics.

Promote your content with credits.

Credits are similar to the currency of the Quora. You will be rewarded for valuing the Quora community highly. You can use Quora credits to promote your content or answer questions. The cost you get by spending credits is the same as the cost you get by tweeting on your Twitter. You get more views, but without editing the current currency.

Quora rewards behavior that improves the quality of Quora. Examples of behaviour that improves Quora include a highly rated answer or blog post, someone who followed your question, someone you “asked for an answer”, a specific highly rated question, and some others.


So you can earn more trust by answering questions, asking questions and asking others questions. I received 1,720 credits, asking James Altusher to answer a question about desktop publishing. At the bottom of the answer there is also a link to my profile.


Get more attention through comments, uncertainty, harassment, etc. Link to your website in your profile and your organic line. If you are more active in Quora, you will have more space. You increase the chances that someone will see your profile. When someone sees a link to your profile, they can click on it. When someone clicks on your profile, they can click on your page.

Measurement and construction

Visit for the content and commitments. I have a decent number of visits to Quora’s content and the percentage of these visits is clickable on my website.

As time goes by, I get more and more benefit from Quora. It takes time to understand what works and what does not. The more quality content you produce, the more people you will have. The more followers you have, the better you will answer.

In addition, Quora acts as a search engine for many people, including myself. When you have a question or want to learn something, Quora’s question research is often an excellent starting point. Therefore, even if someone isn’t following a given question, they can find its content by doing a search or browsing.

The types of questions you should answer

Answer questions that are relevant to and followed by your target audience. More specifically, answer the questions that someone who wants your product or service would ask you.

For example, I’m taking a video course on how to increase website traffic, so I answered What are some of the most ingenious ways to increase traffic to a website? The answer to this question gives readers the same value as my product. Someone who is interested in the answer to this question may also be interested in my product because it offers the same value.


You can also refer to questions such as “What are the best resources to learn [your area of expertise],” “What are the best tools/applications for [your customer or niche],” “What is the best [your product category],” “How can I [evaluate your offer],” etc.?

Don’t answer questions by promoting your product without embarrassment. Offer value to your readers. Read Quora’s spam policies for more information. Also, if you need to reveal your affiliation to any product you are promoting. Learn more about Quora’s disclosure policy.

How answering questions can generate traffic to your website

If someone finds you useful, they may want to know more about you or receive more of your content. If they do, they can browse your profile or click on the links in your response.

Their name and a brief biography will appear at the top of their response. You can modify it depending on the topic or question.

Link to your site in your profile. If applicable, insert a link to your site at the end of your answer, or somewhere in the answer if it is contextual, and include a revelation.

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