Oxford University Will no Longer Accept Donation From Huawei

Oxford University Will no Longer Accept Donation From Huawei

Huawei Technologies, a Chinese technology company, has been in problem due to trade war of China and America. The organization has been accused of chaos from different countries. However, the company has denied these accusations. An important impetus for Huawei is a statement from the Oxford University of the United Kingdom. They said they will not take any more of Huawei.

Oxford University suspended new donations and sponsorships from Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei.


The firm faces accusations from the U.S. and other countries that used to be used for espionage.


Huawei has denied these claims, saying that it does not represent a risk of espionage.


According to reports, the United States has also been investigating Huawei for

“stealing trade secrets” from U.S. companies, and has accused him of violating sanctions by lying about his business in Iran.


Oxford University said it had decided on Jan, 8 that it “would not seek new funding opportunities … at this time” with Huawei.


“Huawei has been notified of the decision, which is the university’s review of funding.”


“The decision was made on public concerns raised in recent months about the UK’s alliances with Huawei.


He added that it can be resolved soon. The university is believed to be concerned about possible government restrictions on the telecommunications giant in the future.


Oxford added that it will continue its existing research contracts where Huawei has received or pledged.


“We currently have two of these projects underway, with joint Huawei funding of ¬£692,000, both of which were approved under the regulatory processes of the current levels of uncertainty arose,” he said.


A spokesman for Huawei said, “We have not reported this decision.

The bad news is piling up for Huawei.


Along with the arrest of personnel in Canada and Poland, there are allegations that trade secrets were stolen. The claims have been denied.


The arrests follow restrictions on their role in future US 5G mobile networks.


Australia and New Zealand have followed suit. In the UK, some of their codes have been removed from BT’s network. Too early a ban in Germany too


In 2018, sent more than 200 million phones, surpassed only by Samsung.


He warned that 5G without Huawei will be a shadow. Like the NBA without its stars, he said.


With around 1,500 employees in the UK, Huawei works with a number of UK universities, including Cambridge, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Imperial College London, Manchester and York.


The Chinese firm has donated $7.5 million to the 5G Innovation Center at the University of Surrey, and more than $1 million to the University of Cambridge Computer Lab.


On Thursday, the university said on Thursday that they would not accept any donations from Huawei. The company said it was unwilling to accept the donation from the leading telecommunications equipment provider because of doubts about the organization’s relationship with the Chinese government.


According to a statement on Jan. 8, university authorities decided not to raise new funds from Huawei Technologies and any of its affiliated organizations. The decision was made recently because of concern about Huawei’s relations with the UK. It is hoped that the solution will soon be resolved.


Huawei’s spokesman said that they have not yet been informed about the issue. They only know the sources of the media.

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