Is Facebook Ten Years Challenge a Trap?

Facebook Ten years Challenge

The “Facebook Ten year challenge” has spread on Facebook

New trend’10 Year Challenge’ now on Facebook Online with this trend, many post photos recently uploaded with Facebook 10 years ago. It is very common to distribute Facebook feeds to several people. But the question is not so easy. Analysts warn that the images posted on your innocent images may have another perverse purpose.


On Wednesday, Facebook authorities announced that they would not participate in the trend. Analysts warned of the problem because the mummy dropped the money on Facebook.


We have created doubts about the reasons for this sending and collection. Experts say Facebook may have secret motions behind it. Facebook has brought such trends to improve its own professional reinforcement algorithm. They secretly collect information from these images. Facebook denied the problem. The information was published in a CBS News report.


Amy Webb, a professor at the Stern School of Business at New York University, said the challenge of this photo would give Facebook the perfect opportunity to improve its automatic learning.


The expert told CBS News that Facebook users can take a picture if Facebook is loaded. Because of such a collection of images, there is a terrible opportunity to improve automatic learning on Facebook. Facebook will be able to improve their systems so that they can detect any changes.


Since last week, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have started publishing photos with millions of users associated with this trend called the “Ten Year Challenge”. The challenge of the past three days has received 52 million responses, said the social media monitoring company Tolwakara.


The “Ten Year Challenge” trends became popular after the social media storm “Bird Box”, “Top Nine Photo Collage”. But many people didn’t care about security and privacy before they floated in these trends.


Kate O’Neill, Wired’s technical writer, has written an opinion on the theme “Ten-year challenges”. Since then, doubts have been expressed about its purpose.


O’Neill wrote that through this challenge, Facebook receives two images next to a specific time. This is a great advantage for Facebook If two different, easy-to-understand photos are received by Facebook, the other images on Facebook are set to be annual. For Facebook, the change of person can easily be understood. It will be easy for Facebook to change people with age and they will be able to create effective technologies.


Facebook Ten Years Challenge: O’Neal warns against full results after data collection on Facebook. Information about people who are aging quickly or whose appearance is changing may be lost to the insurance company.


Facebook stated in a statement that it had played no role in launching this challenge and that they were not benefiting from it.


Facebook authorities say it’s the user created by Mim, who went viral on Facebook. Facebook has not started this trend. There are a lot of people who do a mim on Facebook. Facebook will not receive anything from Mim. You can activate or deactivate at any time using professional recycling technology.


Although Facebook has not launched the challenge, they have been identifying for several days the users who use artificial intelligence in fiction recoding. New products are also being marketed from this Facebook software. This technology, such as the one recently introduced on Facebook’s video chat device portal. There is a camera that will follow you wherever you go and focus on your face.


Previously, a similar attempt had been made by Google to meet the 10-year challenge. Google Art and Culture would find a corresponding work of art on the user’s mobile phone. When users upload their photos, images and paintings are displayed next to facial expressions.


The debate on Facebook privacy and information scandal has recently taken place. It is normal to wonder about his intention to contest 10 years.


Analysts say that, apart from a few days, the discussion with the new trend has started, that’s a good thing. It is necessary to think before being the puppet of technological institutions!

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