Is the Internet slow? Main causes and how to solve it

Reason Internet Slowness

Having an Internet connection today is almost essential for most users. We have the ability to browse through both wireless and wired networks. There are many devices that currently have access to the network. We have to take into account that it does not always work properly and we will talk about it in this article. We are going to explain what are the main reasons why our Internet works slow and what we can do in the cases where it depends on us. Less discuss about

The importance of the Internet today
There is no doubt that having an Internet connection is very important. Many users depend on having access to the network to be able to work, inform themselves or be in contact with other users. As we have mentioned there are many devices that we have with an Internet connection.

A few years ago the normal thing was to surf from a computer connected by cable to the router. However, this has changed over time. Now it is more common to use very different mobile devices to surf the net. Especially the rise of devices in what is known as the Internet of Things has led to a considerable increase.

But, as mentioned above, the web does not always work well. Therefore, we are going to explain some causes that cause a malfunctioning of the Internet connection. These problems can be translated, for example, into a loss of speed.
Why the Internet is slow

Network saturation
One of the most common causes of slow Internet use is network saturation. We’re seeing this today during the coronavirus quarantine. There are many more people at home using the connections than usual and that translates into a loss of speed.

The same could apply when we have speed problems with the Internet on a particular Wi-Fi network. For example, if we are in a shopping centre where many people are connected at the same time. We even see it on the mobile network when we are at concerts or events with many people.

Poor coverage
Another major problem affecting Internet speed is poor coverage. This is especially true when surfing through wireless networks such as Wi-Fi. The signal may be weak and we may not be able to surf normally. This results in failures when we try to connect from other devices.

It can also happen when browsing through the mobile network. It may be that our connection is not the best because the coverage is weak.

Problems with the router or devices
No doubt the hardware problems related to the router or devices will be an important part. The router is the fundamental piece for surfing the Internet at home. If you have a problem with your connectors, for example, it could result in a significant loss of speed.

The same goes for our devices. Our network card may have problems of some kind and that could lead to a loss of speed.

Malware and security issues
Of course, malware can damage the proper functioning of the connections. Security problems are very present in our daily life and this must be taken into account. It can be something that affects our device and damages the software we have installed.

To avoid this, it is best to always have security programs. This way we will avoid the entrance of malware that can affect us. It is something that has to be applied no matter what kind of devices we have.

Outdated systems
Finally, another very common cause of Internet speed loss is outdated systems. This is something that can affect the router’s firmware, but also any device we use. It is important to always have the latest patches and updates correctly installed.

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