India blocks more than 100 Chinese apps and games like PUBG Mobile

India blocks more than 100 Chinese apps

India is again blocking a large number of Chinese games and apps, including well-known titles such as PUBG Mobile.
India and China have been at loggerheads for weeks, resulting in numerous Chinese apps being blocked in India. Among them are very popular apps in Spain like TikTok. While 59 applications and games were affected by this decision of the Indian government weeks ago, 118 new applications are now affected. Among them titles known as PUBG Mobile.

Titles like PUBG Mobile, Arena of Valor or Rise of Kingdoms are some of the Chinese games and applications affected by this blockade of India. The government of the country has issued the same statement as a few weeks ago for the blockade of these games and applications.
India blocks 118 Chinese apps
The Indian government believes that the emerging nature of these threats forces them to block these applications and games. The reason for this is that these applications carry out activities that damage or endanger the sovereignty and integrity of India as well as the security of the state and public order. They also claim to have received many complaints from various sources about the abuse of some of these applications.

Under such abuses, applications are accused of stealing user data, which is then transferred to servers outside India in an unauthorized manner. The list of blocked games and apps is much larger than a few weeks ago, with 118 new titles. Although it is mainly noticeable through the blocking of PUBG Mobile. Because it is one of the most popular games and therefore generates the most income in the world.

PUBG Mobile is a game developed by Tencent, one of the largest game developers, and is a Chinese company. This would explain the blocking of the game in India. Although some media mentioned that there are other Tencent titles in India, they may have wanted to choose the company’s most media-rich or important game.

Click on this link to see the full list of Chinese games and applications blocked in India. Given the tensions between the two countries, it would not be surprising if more Chinese games and applications were blocked in the country in a few weeks.


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