Incredible Skin Benefits of Watermelon

Skin Benefits of Watermelon

The sweet, tasty and refreshing fruit we all like to eat in summer, but most of us don’t know what the benefits are for the skin it hides. Yes, today I’m going to talk about some of the incredible skin benefits of watermelon.

A refreshing watermelon contains 92 percent water, 40 percent calories and is full of nutrients. It is fat-free and has a scientific name “Citrullus landaus”, which is grown all over the world. It is the perfectly beloved fruit in summer.

We all know that watermelon has a variety of health benefits, but you will be amazed at the benefits of the skin with its properties to make it younger, firmer, radiant and vibrant. The watermelon is great for moisturizing the skin.

In addition to the benefits for the skin, it is also good for the heart, to maintain blood pressure, diabetes, it can prevent cancer, a good source of hydration, for bone health, digestion, eyesight, and many other health benefits.

The Minerals and Vitamins it contains: Watermelon contains minerals such as potassium: which prevent muscle spasms, it contains Vitamin C and B6, which supports the body’s natural nervous system. Vitamin A, which is good for anti-aging problems. These vitamins are a good source to soften, moisturize, smooth and refresh the skin texture. They stimulate the cells to revitalize and repair.

Watermelon contains Citrulline, known as amino acid, which helps the blood to circulate throughout the body. It is much needed by the body for cardiovascular and immune boosts. Watermelon has thiamine, riboflavin, folic acid, pantothenic acid, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, manganese, choline, lycopene and betaine. It contains more lycopene than any other fruit.

Interesting facts about Watermelon:

Watermelon is not only a fruit, but also a vegetable. Because it has a sweeter taste, it is considered more like a fruit because they grow like fruit and come from flowers pollinated by bees. It has seeds, and is classified as a botanical family of gourds that includes other vegetables such as cucumber, pumpkin and pumpkin.
They are available in 1200 different varieties.
They lose their granular texture when grilled and baked.
It also improves muscle pain when taken as juice before exercise.
3 August belongs to the watermelon, the people of Europe celebrate National Watermelon Day on this date. During the summer, the courtyard support is included in the drinks and attended as pudding on flames across the state.

Is Watermelon good for you?
This juicy fruit, which we devour so lovingly in summer, is full of nutrients. It is rich in potassium and vitamins A, C and B. But what makes the watermelon fruit a must-have is lycopene, the antioxidant that gives the fruit its deep red colour.

Numerous studies have supported the beneficial effects of lycopene. The antioxidant is known to reduce the risk of stroke and also lowers blood pressure.

It may not have as much fiber as other fruits, but the calorie and fat content in watermelons is low and contains a lot of water. This was about the importance of watermelon fruits, now look at the nutritional value of watermelons.

Watermelon has many health benefits as we discussed earlier, so let’s look at the skin benefits of watermelon and how it can be used to treat various skin problems.

An uninvited guest, no relief. If you want to get rid of acne, this summer fruit is just right for you.

Because it contains vitamin C, and we all know that vitamin C is pretty good for the skin. It also contains vitamin A and nitric acid, which slows down the process of acne. Watermelon reduces inflammation and reduces the growth of germs that cause acne.

You can take half a bowl of watermelon in a day, or you can make ice cubes with it and apply directly to your face to avoid acne.


Are you looking for a good toner? Then look no further, Watermelon is a great idea. The

Contents such as vitamin C and antioxidants in this juicy fruit can offer benefits such as rejuvenation of the skin cells and protection of your skin against possible damage.

You need fresh watermelon, take the juice out in a cup and soak it in a cotton ball. Tap this cotton pad full of watermelon juice on your face and keep doing this for a few seconds and rinse it off to get a fresh, tinted skin. You can add rose water to watermelon juice for oily skin. This natural firming agent is much better and more reasonable than other beauty products on the market.

If you are a person with oily skin type then don’t worry, watermelon is the solution for you. The oily skin occurs as soon as the sebaceous glands present in the skin make a lot of sebum and it is the waxy, oily content created by glands. To treat oily skin, it is necessary to take great care of your skin during the summer, especially because in this season other skin problems can occur due to an excess of oil on your skin.

Watermelon contains vitamin A, which controls the oil-producing glands “the sebaceous glands”, making the skin free of oil and acne.

Eating on average every day and applying it to your face brings a perfect result.

The next time you enjoy a slice of watermelon, remember that the juicy fruit is much more than a satisfying snack. Every part of the food – from the skin to the flesh and even the seeds – has multiple benefits for your skin. Incorporating it into your routine can help soothe inflamed areas, heal damage after an outbreak, and even control conditions such as acne and eczema from within. Read on to find out why watermelon should be in your cure.

For generations, the watermelon rind has been used in Korea to soothe aggravated skin. It can reduce redness, soothe inflammation and even speed up the cell renewal process. “Reportedly, Korean grandmothers use watermelon scabs to rub sunburn, rash, or irritated skin to soothe it and help it recover faster,” says California-based dermatologist Anna Guanche. “Cooling masks where watermelon crust is combined with avocado or banana can help with healing.

While the skin and flesh of the watermelon soothe and comfort our complexion, the watermelon seeds germinate their own indigestible benefits. “Watermelon seeds, like other seeds, contain protein,” says Beverly Hills dermatologist Harold Lancer. “They also have fatty acids, bulky linoleic acid, moisturizing oleic acid and a variety of ceramides.” Absorbable powders such as DOPE Naturally Melonaid Protein Powder ($45) and Vital Proteins Collagen Sports Greens ($59) provide a daily fix of watermelon seed protein, which can also help retain moisture thanks to those ceramides.

If your face shows signs of UV damage, dark spots or dry spots, it’s time to break out the vitamin-rich ingredient to heal quickly. “The vitamins A and C in watermelon can help repair damaged skin after it’s exposed to sun, wind or even stress,” says Guanche. Vitamin E, which is also present in the fruit, can relieve hyperpigmentation, fill in fine lines and help neutralize the effects of free radicals (such as sunburn). “Watermelon has a ton of vitamin E, which is a rejuvenating antioxidant for the skin,” adds Lancer.

Since watermelon is not very acidic, usually made from water, and is a pure sugar, it’s very low risk to add it to a routine for any skin type. “Whether you have oily, acne-prone, sensitive or anti-ageing skin, using a high-quality product that contains watermelon is a positive factor across the board,” says Lancer. Depending on what your goals are, you can introduce this ingredient to your routine in the form of a moisturizing sleep mask such as Blood Recipe Watermelon Blood Sleep Mask ($45), a nourishing moisturizer such as Drunken Elephant B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Gel ($52), or gentle cleanser such as Basics and Organic Watermelon + White Tea Face Cleansing Milk ($20).

Usually there are two types of aging: chronological aging in which we age and photo aging in which we are not older but look older than our actual age. It happens when you are more exposed to sunlight, the UV rays, both UVA and UVB produce free radicals and they are volatile and damage the molecules of the skin.

Watermelon paste is good to protect the skin from exposure to the sun, you need to apply watermelon paste on your face to get a solid photo aging. The watermelon paste can easily be made by mashing the red part of the watermelon, adding turmeric and applying this paste on your face for 10 minutes and then rinsing it off. It is a good idea to apply this paste to your young children to protect their skin as early as possible.

Watermelon contains lycopene which is a powerful anti-inflammatory carotenoid (in addition to an antioxidant). Watermelon extract has much more lycopene than tomatoes, and is an excellent source of other nutrients.

Containing lycopene is important, but water melon extract has a high bioavailability of lycopene, which makes the water melon extract useful in the anti-inflammatory process. Because the body can quickly access the anti-inflammatory properties of the lycopene in watermelon extract, it is often an important ingredient in many products designed to soothe the skin.

Watermelon extract contains the mineral potassium, which helps prevent muscle spasms when the pain triggers certain nerves. Minerals are used by the skin for many different functions, so nourishing extracts offer many benefits.

Watermelon also has vitamin B6, which supports the natural nerves of the body. The extract also contains vitamin A to help fight infection. Vitamin A has also been shown to have an anti-aging effect and red-fleshed watermelon has an abundance of it.

The vitamins in the watermelon extract are also used in cosmetic products for their ability to soften, hydrate, refresh and smooth the skin. The vitamins and minerals act as a stimulant for skin cells to help revitalize and supplement them.

Watermelon extract contains citrulline – an important amino acid that helps blood circulation in the body. Citrulline is an amino acid that is metabolized by the body to arginine, one of the most important amino acids that the body needs for cardiovascular and immune functions. It has also been shown to be a free radical scavenger that enhances its antioxidant properties.

Due to the high water content of watermelon, it works great for the hydration of the body and therefore also of the skin. So why not just drink a glass of watermelon juice or eat a slice of watermelon to get the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits it offers?

Although it is an amazing fruit full of nutrients, you lose many of the beneficial properties when you eat watermelon, as well as almost any product that has antioxidant benefits. The body metabolizes the watermelon and most of it eventually goes to other organs in the body.

Only a very small percentage, usually 1% to 3%, eventually goes to the skin, where it must be to make its magic work. That is why it is great to use it in products as a current application.

Probably the best way to use the watermelon extract for health benefits is to eat the fruit and drink the juice for cardiovascular protection and nutrition and apply it locally to obtain the benefits of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Utilizing its powerful antioxidant properties, the watermelon extract helps your skin to look its best. Skin cells damaged by external factors such as UV rays need help to recover their collagen and elastin proteins to prevent skin sagging and hyper pigmentation, also known as age spots.

The best way to prevent photo aging is to use sun creams with effective SPF numbers, 15 or higher, and to wear clothing that protects the skin from direct exposure to sunlight. All the antioxidant properties in the world cannot do what simple skin prevention can do.

The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of products that contain watermelon extract can help restore the skin to a more vibrant, firmer and youthful glow. The benefits of watermelon for the skin are varied and will help you reach the goal of looking your best.

Oxidative stress occurs when oxygen in the air and in the body mixes with unpaired atoms and damages our skin cells. Exposure to the sun is not the only reason, the pollution that the air contains along with toxins, smoke and dirt also creates free radicals and oxidative stress to damage our skin cells.

This effect breaks down, starting at the membrane and goes deep into the cell’s DNA and mitochondria, which is why cells skip proteins such as collagen and elastin. The sagging and loss of elasticity of the skin is caused by the loss of proteins. The watermelon is therefore the only solution, among other things because it contains protein and is good for the firmness and radiance of the skin without oxidative stress.

Make a juice of the watermelon and keep it in a siphon, and spray it on your face three times a day to get relief from oxidative stress.

No matter how old you are! Antioxidant efforts to repel free radicals and rid the skin of the cost of collagen and elastin, and let the skin retain its younger appearance. Because the watermelon extract is rich in vitamins C and E, it is very beneficial as an antioxidant because these vitamins can break through the skin through their small molecular mass.

Research shows that antioxidant guardian is much more complex when vitamins C and E are consumed together, relatively speaking, than vitamin C or E alone.

Some antioxidants are produced by our body itself, but fortunately they cannot quickly or in lumpy amounts have a major influence on those free radicals. To achieve beautiful skin, watermelon extracts are important as a main ingredient in a skin care routine. It produces what our body simply can’t do.

Eat watermelon in the morning and after lunch for a good result.

Watermelon is a good basis for vitamin C, the nutrient vital for collagen fusion. Collagen keeps your skin supple and strengthens your hair as well. For example, lycopene and beta-carotene can protect the skin, unlike sunscreen.

Beta-carotene is also recognized to stop certain skin problems such as vitiligo and psoriasis. The watermelon has Vitamin A which contributes to the health of the skin, it restores and produces new skin cells because without those minerals and nutrients, our skin looks dull and flaky.

To make a face mask, you need one tablespoon of watermelon puree and add 1 anaesthetic of yogurt. Add 2 or 4 drops of tea tree oil and mix well. Apply this mask to your face for 5 minutes.

Wash off with lukewarm water and repeat twice a week.

Watermelon is a coolant and helps soothe itchy and pigmented skin. Not only can you eat it, but you can also make masks out of it and make yourself more charming.

12- Skin Benefits of watermelon : WATERMELON BODY SCRUB:

Watermelon contains fibrous, the pieces we leave behind when we sieve watermelon juice can do wonders for us. Don’t throw them away! Use it to make a body scrub rich in antioxidants.

Take the remaining fiber, mix 2 tablespoons of sugar.

Add 5 drops of lavender essential oil and mix. Before bathing, exfoliate all over your body in a circular motion. Leave it for 2 minutes and then rinse. This will make your skin smooth, soft and radiant.

Watermelon is also a natural exfoliator. This fruit is full of vitamin C that deeply cleanses your face and gives you an instant freshness.

The numerous small grains in the watermelon go deep into the skin and act as an exfoliator.

You can make a paste by adding 2 3 pieces of watermelon, 1 tablespoon of yoghurt and half a lemon juice. Apply twice a week for a good result.

Watermelon is also a means to make the skin shine in 7 days. Take 1 tablespoon of flour, 1 tablespoon of yogurt and 2 tablespoons of watermelon juice. Also apply to your face and neck and leave for 15 to 10 minutes.

Then wash your face with normal water. Watermelon also helps to reduce dark spots on your face and helps to improve your skin tone, which helps to obtain a soft, smooth, brighter and more beautiful skin.

The vitamin A in watermelon closes the open pores while the oil is controlled. It is so great for those who have oily skin.

To make a paste, mix some watermelon juice with mint leaves and freeze in ice trays. Then rub these ice cubes on your face to close the open pores and this also cleans your pores of dust and dirt.

Dull skin is often the result of dehydration. The ingestion of watermelons can moisturize you. Add this fruit to your diet to stay hydrated. A watermelon and a honey mask can be used for hydration and smoothness.

In this article we have understood about skin benefits of watermelon. Watermelons are good for health and skin, but excessive consumption can increase the level of vitamins in the body, which can sometimes lead to complications. Too much intake can lead to stomach and intestinal complaints, diarrhea and hyperkalaemia (which is dangerous for heart health). All these amazing beauty tools in combination with watermelon, add this delicious and sweetened fruit to your regular regime and beauty routine.

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