Increase Social Shares of Blog

Increase social shares

The social shares took place a few years ago. It’s designed to increase the visibility of your content – whether it’s from your blog, your money page or your social media page. In this article we will discuss about how to increase social shares of your blog:

However, increasing the number of promotions for your content is not an area in which most online marketers or Excel bloggers work. In fact, it can be tedious to reach less than 50 releases per content, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing.

But with this article ,you can increase social shares of a blog. So stay and read on.

Preparing over 100 promotions

You need more than just setting up social sharing buttons for your blog to collect shared resources, increase visibility and attract traffic – much more. In fact, you need to do about 10 things that cover various aspects of your online presence, from on-site optimization to delivery tactics.

 Let’s start with the absolute basics first:

Use compelling headers – Finding a good line is a good start for content with a high degree of fragmentation. Fortunately, for several years of social media marketing, the specific qualities of an attractive name for content creators have been taken into account:

If possible, enter the keywords “How to do this”, “You” and “Your”.

Sum the actual values or percentages.

Highlight the meaning of words such as “decisive”, “extraordinary”, “strong”, “very effective” and so on.

Try to limit the title to a maximum of 6 words.

Turn each article into a masterpiece – Many online marketers and bloggers are required to outsource it to independent authors to ensure consistent content. Unfortunately, most of them are not ready to pay for the best authors and are satisfied with the average figures. Remember that your content represents your experience. These are the main elements that determine your credibility on the Internet. Make sure that it has it:

Valuable information with detailed details

Steps that can be taken with specific instructions

Thinness (perfect grammar, humor and mobility).

Sufficient content for the above purposes (about 2,000 words).

Website optimization – Another need for shared content is to ensure optimal use of the website for maximum usability. First, make sure that your site responds to small screens for mobile users.

Optimize Sharing Buttons – In addition to a responsive website, you should limit the social sharing buttons (floating buttons) to three websites that are most suitable for your business. These are usually Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Believe it or not, this increases the likelihood of promotions by up to 11%. You can also increase the likelihood of retweets by tweeting your offer with a tool like Click to Tweet.

Remind your readers to share – after a good email, your readers now tend to get calls to action to tell them what to do next. A simple reminder can make them share your content instantly. Feel free to ask questions in a pleasant tone.

Then you’ll find tips on how to increase your share of the community through external services, resources or websites.

Join Triberr – Triberr is a new online platform where bloggers can connect and share their content. Basically, you can join a tribe where members can share contributions with other members who meet their social media requirements. Another advantage of Triberr is that not everyone is aware of its potential to generate traffic, so your competitors will probably not use it… For now.

Using Just Retweet – JustRetweet is a very similar service to Triberr. It is a network of bloggers who shares messages on Twitter to attract attention. You can maximize this by using popular hashtags that are relevant to your niche.

Look around you – An effective strategy to attract actions related to your brand is to write an article in Roundup Post. The article “Rounding” contains links to a selection of materials from various sources. For example, the article entitled “Top 15 SEO Tools” with links to the resources listed above is an example of the “Roundup” article.

Share on Instagram – Here’s a quick fact: Instagram has a 1.53% user interaction rate, which is significantly higher than Facebook that’s sitting at 0.10%. You can take advantage of this by starting your own Instagram account and then stimulate re-shares by providing posts that your ideal audience wants.

Enable Comments via Social Media – Adopt a social media strategy to maximize the exposure of your content and the engagement of your audience by enabling comments via social media like Facebook. Remember that this requires familiarity with basic coding (you only need to slip in the code when it’s done). You can refer to online guides on adding Facebook comments to your blog content for step-by-step instructions.

Going Further

The steps above should be enough to help you increase social shares for your content. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are several other things you can do to encourage your audience to share your content and maximize visibility. Here are some other things that might help you accomplish your objectives:


Post at the Right Time – When sharing your content on several social media platforms, pay attention to the known best times of activity. For example, Facebook users share the most at 1 PM, while Google+ and Twitter’s are at 9AM-11AM and 5 PM, respectively.


Offer Free Stuff – A straightforward strategy is to offer something free in exchange for a share. One method is to hold Twitter sweepstakes and inform your audience that each re-tweet counts as an entry. You can pretty much watch the re-tweets flow in at this point.


Acknowledge Shares – You can further encourage social sharing by showing your appreciation to those who’ve already shared your content. It doesn’t have to be anything grand. Just send a public tweet or status update of you saying thanks to sharers.

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