In 2021, Your Carte Vitale Will be On Your Smartphone

Carte Vitale

What is Carte Vitale

The Carte Vitale is the health insurance card of the national health system in France. It was introduced in 1998 to allow direct settlement with the medical branch of the social insurance system. The declaration of a Primary Health Insurance Fund replaces the use of the card.

Since 2008, a second generation of smart cards is being introduced – the “Carte Vitale 2” carries an ID photo and the smart card has the additional functions of an electronic health insurance card to carry electronic documents from the processing process. The first generation was a family card bearing the names of all family members, simply stating that they are covered by French social security, while non-residents should use the European health insurance card to prove their health insurance status.

An experience this year about Carte Vitale

Sometimes we forget our administrative documents or our portfolio. But what do we always have with us or almost always? Our smartphone. As a logical consequence, we are gradually gathering all our information on it. Our emails were the first, then our bank accounts or online payment services. The carte vitale is next on the list.

While Apple Watches could now be reimbursed by American mutuals, Agnès Buzyn announced a few days ago a “Carte Vitale” application. Designed by the Health Insurance Department with GIE Sesam-Vitale, it aims to enable the 59 million holders of a carte vitale to no longer carry it with them everywhere.

This system was initially scheduled to be tested last year, but it will finally enter the experimental phase in the third quarter of 2019, probably in the Rhône and Alpes-Maritimes. An experience that will last a year before being offered to everyone from 2021 onwards if successful. Initially, we are talking about a non-binding option, but we can imagine that this will change in the long term.

Digital Carte vitale and prescription

Called “apCV”, this application will also be used to identify you throughout the French medical system in order to allow more advanced follow-up. We can imagine easier monitoring for rights, more automated management of mutuals, much less paperwork, but also fraud, which must be one of the objectives.

Above all, the carte vitale is only the first step. Medical prescriptions are also concerned with an e-prescription system, which should be generalised from 2020. This would allow you to have your prescription ready when you arrive at the pharmacy, for example. Be careful though, this kind of technology could quickly create a multi-speed health between digitally equipped people and others…

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