Importance of Keywords in SEO


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In this article we will learn about the importance of keywords:

Of course when we talk about developing a keyword strategy the fundamental thing we need to remember is that all of this is dependent upon the search engines.

The search engines are what provide the means to reach searchers. And so ultimately we’re at the mercy of the search engine in developing any type of keyword strategy.

The Importance of Keyword in SEO
The Importance of Keyword in SEO

The only thing you can do, is affect the search engines and hopefully in a way that’s favorable for you. Critical to this understands how search engines work and what it comes down to is that search engines need to access the information on your website in order to measure you properly to assess relevance.

Now a fundamental part of how a search engine works is that it relies on a software program to visit your website and download the content that’s there. The software program we usually refer to as a bot or a spider or a crawler. Its a couple different words that we use there.

Ultimately it’s the same thing because what a search engine does is they find your website through a link on another website. They’ll find a page through that link. They’ll download that page and find links to other pages on your website. And then they’ll request the rest of the pages that they find. And they’ll download them to the search engine’s server.

This comes as a surprise to a lot of people but ultimately what the search engines are doing is that they’re finding all of the pages on your website downloading them to a server. And then when you do a search for anything on a search engine you’re not searching the live internet what you are searching is the database. Of the search engine with the ranking algorithm applied and then what you receive are the results

Based on all of the copies of websites that are contained in the database of the search engine. So our first issue in developing keywords is understanding that our architecture is a critical component. How well our website is built because if our website is built poorly the search engines will not be able to access all of the pages on the website.

The Importance of Keyword in SEO

We can do many things that can block them but we want to make sure that the architecture is open. And that search engines can get through see the links that go from page to page and also to other websites. And then when downloading the pages see the words in the code and content so that they can look and see what this website is about what this page is about and how it stacks up compared to other websites.

The search engines will then deliver information based on how you search. The combinations of words used in the search box can also let the search engine determine what type of information you are looking for and then return results immediately based on that.

In Google if we start typing San Diego golf resorts. You’ll see the results change as the words are being typed in. you can see automatically we’re just San Diego golf and already we have a map and results showing up. But we can resorts showing up in the suggested terms. Once we click on that we have a film strip presentation of the different resorts that are available.

We have a map we have organic results and ads and as we tab down we continue to see more organic results and add specifically for San Diego golf resorts.

Now if we change our search and let’s broaden it out to another vacation term from our website. So if we’re looking for California hot springs resorts we have a map of locations. So instead of seeing organic results we’re seeing directory listings.

We can see the name of the resort the urn of the website any reviews that are available. As well as an address and phone number to connect directly with them. If you are on your mobile device you could click and call with the phone number right from your mobile?

Then when you get into the organic results we can see more information as well as reviews about each of the resorts. But let’s go even more specific. Beyond California hot springs resorts let’s look at a specific location. But once we add a specific location of san luis obispo then we see a specific location on the right hand panel. We see the directions the reviews the phone number and on the left side we can see that the number one result is the one that’s featured on the right hand side.

We can also have immediate access into the photos. Granted there are other properties listed here and we can see reviews from tripadvisor from yelp. and so because we’re looking for a specific place now the reviews are going to be more heavily favored in the results. Other search engines do this as well. Let’s go to Bing and look for a California landmark. So when we search for pacific coast highway as you can see on the left hand side we have our organic results. And because we’re looking for information about a specific landmark we’re going to see Wikipedia come up very highly. Also we’ve got road trip from national geographic and on the right hand side of the results a map images and related searches. And so from here we can find related searches of pictures hotels map. driving directions and reviews and on the left side we can get immediate news about events that may have happened that will affect our search or just plain looking for news about that destination. And so search engines as their first responsibility are there to help the searcher find the information that they want.

And we can see this at the bottom of the search engine results page. The suggestions that they use to help searchers focus more tightly on the information that is important to them. The search engines’ first focus is the searcher and you can only affect those results but we’re going to learn how you can do that and target the right searcher.

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