How to Optimize Router and Equipment to Play Online Without Cuts

How to optimize router

When surfing the Internet it is important that our router and in general the connection works properly. This is vital to have a correct speed, signal quality and stability that does not cause cuts. However, all this increases if we are going to use the connection for something that requires special care, such as playing online. In this case it is vital that the ping is low, the speed acceptable and there are no cuts. We are going to give a series of tips on how to optimize router and equipment for this.

How to optimize the router and the connection to play online

To play on the Internet a fundamental factor will be the router. Having a suitable device, which maintains speed and stability, is going to be very important. That’s why we must take care of some important details that we are going to explain. This way we will keep the ping low, as well as a good speed.

Placing the router correctly

One of the most important points is the placement of the router. We have to find a central location in our home. This way you can better distribute the Wi-Fi signal, since most devices nowadays are connected through wireless networks. We can even choose to put the device in the place where we are actually going to connect.

Avoid low places, places where there is interference with other devices or walls that block the signal. A good idea is to put it on a high part of a piece of furniture, away from interference.

Choosing the right channel and band

The channel we choose is going to be critical. Sometimes we can be connected to a very saturated channel because there are other devices using it. It is vital to choose the channel well so that the quality of the signal is the best.

In the same way it will be necessary to connect to the right band. As we know we have the option of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. The first one offers more stability when we move away from the router and it is less sensitive to possible walls. The second one is better if we look for the maximum speed, but when we connect near the router.
Always maintain security
Of course the security of the router has to be present. A strong and complex password will be required, containing letters (upper and lower case), numbers and other special symbols. All of this must be random and unique.

The encryption we use will also make the security better or worse. It is important to avoid outdated encryption such as WAP. Therefore we have to opt for encryptions such as WPA-2 which are more secure. This way we will avoid the entrance of intruders that put in risk the good operation of the connection.

Have the latest updates

It will also be necessary to have the latest updates installed. On the one hand we can correct certain security errors that put the device at risk. This could allow an intruder to access the network and put our security and privacy at risk.

On the other hand, it can also add performance improvements. Something that could make playing online better.

Change the DNS

DNS sometimes does not work properly. Especially when we use our operator’s, as it can sometimes slow down the connection and generate latency. We can choose to change the DNS of our connection to see if it improves the quality of playing online.

Use amplifiers if necessary
If necessary, an interesting alternative is to use amplifiers for Wi-Fi. This way we can connect from other places in the house with a better signal quality and Internet speed. There are many options in this regard.

How to prepare our equipment to play online

Beyond the router itself, we can also prepare our computer to play on the Internet correctly. Let’s talk about a series of factors that can help us.

Keeping the browser clean

Many times we will play through the browser. This means that we’re going to have to keep it in good shape. This way we won’t have any problems that might influence our online play.

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