How To Earn $1,000 Per Month From Your Blog

Earn $1000 per month

So you want to learn how to Earn $ 1000 per month with your blog and eventually do it without spending a lot of your money on expensive ads or investing in stupid and tricky systems that don’t really make any money. Read on to find out how.

In the past, I’ve been reluctant to write articles about how to make money from blogs. The main reason is that I wasn’t satisfied with it. And more importantly, at least not until you made money from blogging, right?

Too many gurus and novices make the mistake of writing about how to make money when they haven’t even done it themselves. I didn’t want to be one of those gurus.

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Anyway, almost 10 years of fast forward, and here we are. I’m pretty sure I share my ideas and blogging tactics for making money. If you want to know my point of view on the subject and find out exactly how I make my living from blogging, I hope you’ll find this post useful today.


Is making money the goal of every blogger?

No. Not every blogger’s goal is to turn their blog into a revenue-generating machine, and that’s totally cool.

However, for those who do make a regular income from their blog, it’s a success that few successful bloggers can achieve. The reality is.


When I say that some bloggers generally make a lot of income from their blogs.


A survey conducted by ProBlogger some time ago revealed that only 7% of bloggers (ProBlogger readers) earned between $500 and $999 a month.

That’s pretty interesting, don’t you think?

I remember very well the day I earned my first $20 on my blog in 2015, and the feeling was very strong.

It was through a referral / affiliate sale and it happened many months after I started my blog.

And even though it wasn’t much, it was enough to light a fire for me to learn more about the blog and get a regular income from my blog.

I’ll be the first to admit a debate, it hasn’t been easy over the years. I’d like to think that I’ve done a lot of work on it, made a lot of mistakes and even now, almost five years later, I’m still not doing what most people would consider a full-time blogging job.

What you need to know is that there is never any real guarantee that making money with your blog will work. There are many factors to consider. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

I think everyone can earn something with their blog, whether it’s $10 a month or $10,000 a month.

What you need to Earn $1000 per month with your blog

Here is the list

  1. Patience: This is the most important one, because most people seem to lack patience these days. We have nurtured a society by being impatient, and technology is partly to blame. Blogging is not a quick solution to your financial problems. So don’t expect quick results.
  2. Smart work, not hard work: If you know exactly how to spend your time generating revenue for your blog, you can achieve your goals much faster. If you can combine smart work with hard work, it’s even better.
  3. A plan: Most people who start out simply go ahead without a plan. Launch a blog, add content, launch ads and voila, right? No, it doesn’t work like that. You have to set realistic goals, set milestones, build a community, do research and everything in between.

You have to have decent content and good circulation.

I think you also have a blog with decent content and a lot of traffic. I also assume you have a decent audience.

You need to set your revenue growth targets

This is very important!

Instead of aiming for that elusive goal of $1,000 a month, try breaking it down into monthly goals, possibly starting with where you live now.

If you are already earning $200 per month with your blog, you should earn $250 or $300 the following month. If you’re starting from scratch, make it your goal to earn $30 to $50 the first month or next month.

Ways to earn money with your blog

Now the fun part, opportunities to earn $1,000 per month with your blog.

Now it is important again to set some goals, as I mentioned above, and slowly work your way up to your goal of $ 1,000 per month. Let’s say you are not yet earning $1k. I cannot stress the importance of planning and goal setting enough.

Remember that there is no zero guarantee that any of the strategies in this post will work for you. So do not set your expectations too high. Above all, take your time and have fun with the process.

There are a few other factors you should consider, namely the type of audience and the involvement of your readers in your content in terms of comments and sharing.

# 1. Advertising for partner products

The easiest way to generate revenue from your blog is to promote partner products and services.

Now when I say it’s the easiest, I don’t mean it’s the easiest. I have said it so many times before. You still have your job when it comes to affiliate marketing.

Find a range of high quality and reliable products and services that you can write real reviews and video tutorials on your blog and promote them.

If you can’t think of reviewing or writing about something, check out all the tools you currently use to improve your blog. These can be –

  1. The theme that you use
  2. The hosting provider you use.
  3. Any premium plugins you use.
  4. All the premium productivity tools you use, etc

Remember, if you are just starting out, your reviews will not show good income at first.

Search engines take time to rate content and reviews, but traffic will increase over time. So after you’ve written your review and created your tutorial videos, wait for your first affiliate sales.


Better yet, focus on promoting your reviews in social media and through other media and platforms. Continue to create great content in the form of reviews, tutorials, tutorials and best practices.


# 2. Sell private advertising space

Another way to help you earn $1,000 each month is to sell advertising space to targeted advertisers.


To be successful, you’ll need some key ingredients. Rich in targeted traffic and with a large readership/customer base, a lot helps too.


You might want to make a list of your big traffic posts and add a banner to everyone who is available to visitors to place this ad. You will need to create some sort of PDF portfolio or page so that your potential customers know more.

# 3. Publish sponsored blog posts

Accepting sponsored content for publication on your blog can also be very beneficial. However, you must be very careful and agile with the type of content you want to publish.


Accepting sponsored advertising is more or less equivalent to selling private advertising space. The only difference is that it is much more relevant and longer. Still, you want the content of sponsored posts to be relevant, helpful, and valuable, and not just sales marketing, but tons of * outbound links.

Depending on your niche, traffic volume and target audience, you can charge between $100 and $250 or more for sponsored content. Make sure you set your fees and stick to them. It is well known that companies are lowering the price of sponsored items.

# 4. Sell digital products

This is one of my favorite ways to generate revenue from my blog. I only have one eBook, which I sell and earn between $24 and $78 per month.

I should really take my thinking cap back and do something else, right?

It doesn’t have to be just an e-book, but you can create a full online course, possibly an app or software you want to sell.

Selling an information-based product is much easier and less expensive than creating software or application code.

And don’t worry if you have any doubts about whether your product will sell.

As long as you can first research and create something that people want, you can sell it on your blog and make money.

# 5. Offer a service or advice

If you have been following my blog for a long time, you will know that I have been offering web design and website development services since 2017.

This company started like a wildfire and that’s why I have combined my creative and design services into my own business company.

If you have a special skill that can be valuable to others, don’t be afraid to shine it, package it, market it and sell it as a service on your blog and social media.

This can be something simple, like drawing a picture for a blog post, or something more complex, like writing and editing copies, maintaining the website, accounting, etc.

# 6. Display ads on the network

Finally, we use network advertising platforms such as Google AdSense to display advertising on your blog.

Again, this is one of the easiest ways to make money from a blog or website with decent content and traffic.

Yes, the amount you earn depends heavily on your industry and traffic. In many cases, using AdSense is not worthwhile because of its low income, unless you have a blog that has been viewed more than a hundred thousand times a month. It also makes your website look like crap. This can be because you have very little control over what types of ads are served on your site.

When I ran AdSense on my old blogs, I activated between $50 and $100 for each blog with only 30,000 monthly page views per month.

Experiment with this and see if this is a profitable way for your blog to grow.

Getting around

So here you have it, I hope I have given you some insights, ideas and tips to help you monetize your blog, the direction to earn $ 1000 per month if you don’t already do so. Will help you

It won’t be easy, it takes time and a little bit of smart work, but you can do it. And of course there are many other legitimate ways to make money with your blog that we have not covered here. If you would like to suggest some possibilities, please give me a comment below.

One last important tip I would like to share with you is not to create a single source of income with your blog and hope to be successful with it. You need to branch out your blog and create many revenue streams from it. Congratulations.


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