How to Yecome a Youtuber: Tips for getting Started During Quarantine

How to Yecome a Youtuber Tips for getting Started During Quarantine

Have you always wanted to have a YouTube channel but never been clear about what to do? We show you how to become a youtuber in times of coronavirus. Since March 14, the citizens of Spain have been maintaining a preventive quarantine to try to stop the outbreak of coronavirus that is spreading so quickly throughout Spanish territory. How to Yecome a Youtuber Tips for getting Started During Quarantine

Being so many days without leaving home can be frustrating for many people, so it is best to try to be entertained for as long as possible. For that reason, at OMICRONO we have already told you about some apps for sports and the best mobile games.

However, quarantine can also be the perfect time to get started in another world: youtubers. Want to know how to become a youtuber? We give you some fundamental advice.

Theme and channel creation
Before we get down to work, we have to define the specific subject matter that our videos will deal with. Of course, you can do whatever you want, but it’s true that the channels that are usually most successful are those that usually talk about the same topic (fashion, technology, video games, etc.). The more specific we are, the better.

Once we’ve decided on a theme, the next step is to create our YouTube channel. Ideally, the name of the channel should be related to the topic, easy to remember and not similar to other existing channels.

When you are sure of the name, you should click here, click on login, then on “More options” and then on “Create account”. But don’t worry, you still have a lot to do, as you’ll need to customize the channel with a profile picture, description, header, etc.

The key team
Becoming a youtuber involves an almost mandatory expenditure in terms of devices, although not too high. We should not forget that many potential fans can run away from our videos in just a few seconds if they have a picture quality of the last decade or a horrible sound.

To address this issue we have spoken with Fernando Alvarez del Vayo, youtuber in the channel of The Free Android and Android FAQs, the first has just over 170,000 subscribers, while the second already reaches 199,000. Alvarez del Vayo explains that, to begin with, a mobile phone with a good camera would be enough, although it would have to be accompanied by a tripod and an external microphone.
The day we want to go a step further and offer a little more professional content, we would have to switch to dedicated cameras. There is a great variety, either by taste or by price. Any SLR with at least interchangeable lenses, a flip-top screen, auto-focus and face detection would be good for that leap in quality, especially if you’re recording on your own.
As Álvarez del Vayo commented, the tripod is indispensable to be able to support the camera and thus obtain a fixed and stable image, whether we choose an SLR or use a mobile phone. If it’s one with adjustable height, so much the better. Likewise, even if the camera or the smartphone already has an internal microphone, it is advisable to use an external microphone or an external recorder that allows us to offer quality audio.

How to become a youtuber: Tips for getting started

Álvarez del Vayo says that for him it is “even more important to have good lighting than to have an SLR”, so he recommends buying a sunshade or a diffuser. He also stresses the importance of decoration in videos, using LED lights to give a different touch, as well as accessories that are affordable for anyone, such as plants from Ikea or the popular Funko head dolls.

How to become a youtuber: Tips for getting started

Video editing
Despite having recorded the video in question, there is still a long way to go. Many are not even aware when they are watching on YouTube, but in most cases video editing takes considerably longer than recording.

There are a variety of programs on the Internet for editing video, both free and paid. From Windows Movie Maker to Adobe Premiere to Avid, DaVinci Resolve 16 or Final Cut (MacBook exclusive).

One aspect to be extremely careful with when editing is sound, because if we use copyrighted music, YouTube will most likely delete the video and may even remove the channel. If you surf the web a little bit, you’ll find a lot of websites with non-copyrighted songs.

How to become a youtuber: Tips for getting started

However, Álvarez del Vayo advises not to use any songs or to buy the rights directly, as he has seen how many channels have disappeared due to “infringements that were not really so”. Another option is to make use of the library of songs offered by YouTube when we upload a video.

Tips from a youtuber
Álvarez del Vayo also wanted to give us some more practical advice that will be very useful for first timers. He has again insisted on the importance of lighting, as well as trying to record at a time when there is as little noise as possible in the street, as this could spoil the recording.

Similarly, he warns us about the periodicity. “It’s important to upload videos on a regular basis, the YouTube algorithm penalizes channels that don’t upload content continuously. With this, Álvarez del Vayo does not mean that we should upload videos every day, but he does mean that we should make sure to do so every certain time, whether it be weekly, every three days, etc. Obviously, the frequency will also benefit us in terms of the viewers, who will get used to seeing our videos every “x” days.

Besides being constant, Álvarez del Vayo stresses the importance of being natural in the videos. However, it will depend quite a bit on the personality of each one, since some people feel more comfortable using a script, while others don’t need one. Don’t worry if you feel too artificial at first, as the saying goes, practice makes perfect.

Alvarez del Vayo ends by telling us to try not to pay too much attention to negative comments from users. “Whatever you do, you will always be criticized. And when you don’t, they’ll criticize you too”. Who knows, maybe during this quarantine some future YouTube stars will be born following our advice.

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