How to be Ranked on Google Overnight Using Reddit

How to Rank in google Overnight

How to Rank on Google Overnight by Reddit

Hello, everybody. Today I am going to show you how to rank on  Google over night well not even overnight you can be rank on Google in hours on first position for your keyboard doesn’t matter how competitive this keyword is,  you can get ranked on Google.  You just need to follow these instructions and let’s see move forward and find how to be ranked on first page of Google.

So visit on homepage using this list of like “hot posts” from these subreddits like you can use this for example this is from “funny subreddit and this was forced to do like 2 hours ago and suppose you have used your website link.

And you used keyword as your title, it already. After 3 hours you got this much of comment and you made it to the homepage. Now I will search this same file “because I will never grow up” on Google and let’s see what happens.

And you can see first link here will leave this link for now let’s just focus on these results you can see that this much results are coming up for this term you have search for now click on this link and this is an image from imgur Dot kom.

Now that’s the image and now come to the home page again open it and see what’s happening here.  And that’s the same image you can see a URL . And I hope you are getting it now and you are carrying hum to see this and job that’s true you can get rank on Google in just 3 hours. And what you can I have to do for this just get 337 people comment on your post and that’s it.

You will make it to the Google’s number one position of whatever you want. And suppose you had a link and this post of your website your title as your keyword. And you can now see the potential here just the key is just to get as much as comments you can get and when person comments on your post let’s see .

You can see here it commented he or she commented on this post like 2 hours ago and there a bloody Backlink here a very powerful backlink. And when someone will comment on your post he will give you a Backlinks from his profile to your post and when people like thousand people with comment on your post you will get thousand backlinks from reddit.

And you can imagine what is the potential of this so I can’t explain you more just implemented and see my next article and can I give you some tips on how you can get people commenting on your post and how you can get ranking on Google.

How to Create do-follow Backlink from Reddit:

Get Backlink from Reddit

This is the things we are looking for this is the backlink from reddit specially now please check that you can select it right click and inspect element and can see that there is no no for retired here and this is 100% of a backlink from reddit a highly authoritative website in the world and that’s it we have created successfully our dofollow backlink from where did and now one pic and Ganesh share with you is that you can have your keyword or your anchor text as your backlink. 

As well you can use this and that that as well as I have shown you in the demo video so that depends on you if you want just a simple Batman or decline press enter text I will highly recommend you to use anchor text because it will Boost Your search ranking for that he would I mean for that anchor tag I hope you enjoy this case study of mine which was wearing a dofollow backlink from that it now this case study and share please check out next video you will find some tips  and instruct.

To create do follow backlinks from reddit you need have a reddit account  and login to the reddit account.

Now on home page will see a link which is saying Create your own subreddit. Click on them, now fill these requirements your subject anything you want and also attention to the requirement which says no spaces and no Slashdot.

So we can I write hair my name and now write the topic of the subject with personal information and write description what this subject is all about where one can. I have put some test information here you can read that and their now the next section is very important and that’s where you can I get your links from.

So to fill this part just click on hair formatting here and format this as professionally as you can I mean format this like very beautiful I like make it I catching so let me give it a try Angana skip this hardware stop recording I have failed this box with some information and that’s the link.

I want for my website and this is going to be a do for learning as shown you in the demo video so let’s format this properly and now I am going to bold this must have text which is my name and you can see the instructions there you can copy this two stars pasted here at the ticket Spoilt you can see it now but when you will quit this you be able to see this in action so that the link I want to hear is instruction falling now let me check and read it now we can put a bracket here and now one here at the end and now let’s format this same as in the example .

Now this one is a link and this is hold and you can follow these simple instructions for all the formatting and just going to use this link and appalled so that’s it now let’s move on to the next steps and submission text well I’m gonna leave it empty that’s it and this let’s see what next content options these are some privacy option you can leave it like this now one thing is to know you say that the name of the subject it is going to be the URL for you will be able to access this so messed publish it.

Now we have done everything just click on create and let’s see subject has been created the best free now you can check the inbox share new name and you can take that I am just keep it now click on your user profile and there is disturbed added with you just created now click on this and you will be redirected to the subject now there is nothing currently and that’s because we haven’t posted anything yet

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