How do I Get Back to Facebook Account

get back to Facebook Account

Social networks have become the victims of a major Facebook hacking. The data of five million users (users) have been lost by hackers. In this situation, Facebook authorities gave three things to warn users. In this article we will tell the technique about How to get back to my facebook account.

Facebook said on Friday that the security of five crore accounts of affected people was ensured and that more than four crore accounts had been taken in accordance with the alert. If someone is worried about the security of their account, Facebook authorities have suggested three steps.

Please check the connection device

If you want to get back to facebook account, the most effective way to find out if someone has entered your account is to see the connection devices. You can see if you are connected from a PC, tab or mobile phone here. If you see an unknown device, click the Delete button.

When you click on the “Security and Login” page in your account settings, a list of devices you have accessed on Facebook appears. The locations will also be shown in many cases, including on a day-to-day basis. If you see an unknown device that you have not entered on Facebook, “delete” or log out.

You can change the password

Facebook says they were able to take the risk of the accounts. Therefore, there is no obligation to change someone’s password. However, if someone keeps a weak password or sees someone on your device, you can change it. Give a kind of password that is a little complex. You can give a short form of a sentence. However, you can assign upper-case numbers and lower-case letters to passwords to make them complex.

You can use the password management application as LastPass. It is difficult to remember complex passwords, as the application can be a good way to do this.

Enable two-factor authentication

Like many other sites, Facebook also has access to two levels of data after verification. This will not only work in the password, after the password, in a message on your mobile phone, Facebook will send a code immediately, you can enter it if you can give it to Facebook. Since your phone is not available to you, another person will not have access to your account. Click here to know about Facebook ten years challenge.

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