Hackers Hacked Information of 50 Million Facebook Users

Hackers Hacked Information of 50 Million Facebook Users

Hackers hacked information of 50 million Facebook users account by hacking their confidential information. Facebook authorities said Friday that they informed the police on Wednesday.

The attackers were able to attack Facebook using a feature called “view as”. Users can see what their account looks like to other users via View As. This feature shows how a friend is seen by Facebook friends.

The affected users’ accounts are automatically logged out and receive instructions to re-register.

Guy Rojen, vice president of marketing for Facebook, said the security of the fifty million facebook users with an estimated four million potentially compromised accounts is assured.

On Friday, Facebook shares fell 3 percent on Friday.

At that time, the attack took place when the organization was able to protect its users’ information and prove itself in litigation in the United States and other countries.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said on Friday at a press conference, “We’re taking the security issue more seriously.”

Jeff Pollard, vice president and chief analyst of US market research firm Forrest, said: “Facebook has large amounts of data, so they should be ready for such an attack. It is normal for hackers to attack where information is available. ‘

The BBC found no answer when asked if Facebook on how Hackers Hacked Information 50 Million Facebook Users. They would investigate the company or if anyone involved had been asked to do anything to bring it under jurisdiction.

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