Gustuff Malware attacks crypto-currencies and banking applications

Gustuff Malware

A new malware is making its mark on Android and attacking the most popular banking applications, as well as crypto-currencies. His name: Gustuff.
The greatest vigilance is required with Gustuff malware, because it is able to find its way onto your smartphone, in order to spy on the activities of your mobile applications related to online banking and cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Knowing that an account like eBay with full identifiers sells for an average of 11 euros for example on the Dark web, we can imagine the interest of hackers behind this new threat.

Gustuff: a dreadful malware that is after your money and bank details
In addition, Gustuff malware is also able to grab funds from PayPal or Revolut accounts at the time of hacking. The most worrying thing is that the code of this malware is able to disable Google’s protection, which analyzes applications installed on the smartphone and called Google Play Protect.

Fortunately, Gustuff has not yet been discovered on the Play Store, but he is present on APKs of applications on third-party platforms. It is also important to pay particular attention in the coming weeks to SMS, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger messages, as they are also a means of spreading Gustuff malware. The greatest vigilance is therefore required….

Non-exhaustive list of the main applications affected by Gustuff malware:

  1. Bank of America
  2. Bank of Scotland
  3. Bitcoin Wallet
  4. BitPay
  5. Capital One
  6. Coinbase
  7. Cryptopay
  8. eBay
  9. Gett Taxi
  10. J. P. Morgan
  11. PayPal
  12. PNC Bank
  13. Revolt
  14. Skype
  15. TD Bank
  16. Walmart
  17. Wells Fargo
  18. Western Union
  19. WhatsApp
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