Fenugreek Benfits: Why we must have fenugreek daily

Fenugreek Benfits

From diabetics to heart patients, almost everyone is advised to include the bitter fenugreek seeds in their diet. If we look at the number of diseases that fenugreek is believed to cure, we might as well declare it one of the best superfoods.

“Fenugreek or Methi Dana offers many health benefits. It contains soluble fiber that helps lower cholesterol, especially LDL, control blood sugar levels, and helps lose weight by suppressing appetite when taken overnight in the morning on an empty stomach. It also prevents colon cancer and helps against acid reflux or heartburn,” says nutritionist Sandhya Gugnani.

Fenugreek seeds consist of natural fibers that can swell and fill the stomach, thus suppressing appetite and supporting weight loss goals. Chew Methi seeds at least twice or three times a day and you will find that you feel full without eating much. Another weight loss technique is to drink two glasses of methi water in the morning. The water is made by soaking 1 tablespoon of the seeds all night in two glasses of water. This water is especially useful to prevent water retention in the body and flatulence.

Remedy for fever and sore throat
These seeds are said to relieve fever when taken with a teaspoon of lemon and honey. Fenugreek has a calming effect on the throat due to the presence of mucilage, a compound contained in it. Remedy for women’s health problems Fenugreek has traditionally been known to increase breast size. Many women want to know exactly how this works. Fenugreek strengthens the breast glands and promotes the development of breast tissue. It also contains phyto-oestrogen, which increases the prolactin level in your body and thus helps to enlarge your breasts. It also helps with other uterine problems such as menstrual cramps, hot flashes and menstrual problems.
Prevents hair loss
Fenugreek seeds contain compounds that promote healthy hair. It is therefore extremely useful whether included in the diet or applied to the hair. If you massage your head regularly with boiled fenugreek seeds soaked overnight in coconut oil, this can be an excellent solution to hair loss. Fenugreek is also a great remedy for dandruff.
Helps with digestion
The consumption of fenugreek seeds improves bowel movement and is a practical remedy for digestive problems and heartburn. Because fenugreek is rich in fibre and antioxidants, it helps flush harmful toxins from the body and aids digestion. You can even drink water in which the seeds have been soaked to solve digestive problems.

Regulates blood sugar and controls diabetes
These seeds control the glucose level in the body. The amino acid compounds in fenugreek seeds promote insulin release in the pancreas, which lowers the glucose level in the body.

Get radiant skin
Fenugreek seeds destroy free radicals in our body, which cause wrinkles and dark spots. These seeds also lighten the skin tone. They also prevent breakouts and keep the skin free of pimples.
Fight dandruff
Dandruff is a typical hair problem caused by dead skin cells in the dry scalp. Fenugreek has been used since ancient times to solve this problem. Soak these seeds overnight. Grind them in the morning to make a paste. You can also add curd cheese to the paste for even better results. After you have prepared your paste, apply it to your scalp and rub the hair roots. Wash your hair off after 30 minutes and say goodbye to dandruff.

Induces and facilitates the birth of a child

It is known that fenugreek seeds stimulate labour and compression of the uterus. It also reduces the pain of labour. Therefore an excessive intake of fenugreek seed during pregnancy can lead to miscarriage or premature birth.