Father’s Day: Phrases and Gifts for the First Man in Your Life


Do you know why March 19th is Father’s Day? Well, in this article you will not only find out why, but you will also find great ideas to say hello and give to dad on his day. Don’t miss them!

Why is it Father’s Day on March 19th?
You’ve probably asked yourself that more than once. The truth is that every year, on March 19, coinciding with the day of St. Joseph, patron saint of all fathers, is celebrated in many countries, especially in those of Catholic tradition such as Spain, the day of the father. So much so that it is precisely on St. Joseph’s Day that it is celebrated not only in Spain, but also in countries such as Italy and Portugal, among many others, where Christianity is prevalent.

However, in some European countries, including France and the United Kingdom, in the USA and in most of Latin America, Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in June. In these countries, March 19, because it is St. Joseph’s Day, has been reserved to celebrate the day of the man. In fact, this is the case in Colombia, for example, where they have adopted the date of the patron saint to pay homage to men.

Father’s Day, Man’s Day or Saint Joseph’s Day?
Now, Saint Joseph, the father of Jesus, has been for many a source of inspiration and the one chosen as a reference point to celebrate Father’s Day.

However, the dates are sometimes recycled and acquire different meanings, so it is not surprising that Colombia has adopted March 19, St. Joseph’s Day, to celebrate no more or less than the day of the man, a few days away from that of his female counterpart.

As if the confusion were not enough, the international men’s day is November 19th.
What to give to Dad?
In any case, going back to our Father’s Day, established by the Catholic tradition, these ideas of phrases and gifts to congratulate Dad, the first man in your life, will come in handy.

Father’s Day Gifts
Don’t you know what to get Dad? Well, here are some great suggestions that you yourself can make, with very little money, a little bit of ingenuity and a lot of love. Follow the links. Don’t miss out

Children’s Handicrafts for Father’s Day If you’re too young, ask Mom to help you make these beautiful crafts with your own hands. Your daddy will love them.
Father’s Day Cards If you’re a little older, you can get creative with these cool Father’s Day cards.
Children’s drawings for Father’s Day Finally, you can use paper and pencil or paints and make a nice drawing especially for daddy. The kind he always likes so much. Smiley face
Father’s Day messages
On the other hand, if you want to congratulate Dad, in short, the first man in your life, this selection of links to ideas and suggestions for greeting Dad in his day will be useful:

Congratulations for Father’s Day It’s the day to congratulate Dad, the man who makes it possible for you to be here today. Choose the greetings you like best.
Phrases for Father’s Day As you have seen, there are phrases for everything, even for a day as special as the one of the man who brought you into this world. Express your feelings with the best phrases for dad on his day.
Poetry for Father’s Day How about a nice poem for Dad? Find the one you like best and surprise daddy on his day, showing your deepest feelings.

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