Facebook Marketing

I think we both informed why you’re here.

Your previous advertising platform didn’t work or didn’t produce the results you were looking for.

The same reason forced me to look for something more effective several years ago.

I’ve been associated with Facebook marketing for some time. And for good reason.

The fact is that I managed to generate $180 million in sales in just 5 years! Everything I’ve earned thanks to Facebook’s marketing knowledge.

With this qualification, I would like to give you 12 reasons why you are now using Facebook marketing in your business.

1. 96% of US citizens have mobile phones

“All right! What does this mean to me?”

In the United States alone, 96% of Americans own mobile devices (Pew Research Center). Not to mention 3.6 billion people worldwide who should now be wearing smartphones (BankMycle).

A study conducted by Outerbox in 2019 showed that 82% of smartphone users also buy online with their mobile phone.

By making people accessible on their mobile devices, Facebook enables you and your audience to become ubiquitous on your desktop and laptop.

Learn More: Why you should Digital Marketing over traditional Marketing.

There is a sea of people constantly consuming content and searching for valuable information. It’s your job to put your message in front of them.

2. Facebook has launched the advertising

Well, you know…

If I can go back in time, for example to 2002, when Google’s advertising bus was launched, I would certainly invest every penny I could find in their advertising platform.

Why would I do that? Because he was a loyal advertiser until about 2010.

Facebook is now an advertising giant. It has learned to manage the wave of opportunities with its ability to reach its outgoing audience wherever and whenever you can. You will be the new Google!

3. Incredibly cheap

Since he’s just getting started, it’s still cheap.

Did you know that with only $2, you can buy a thousand views at the cost per thousand (CPM) of your content? This gives your valuable content an excellent branding effect. So what I’m saying is that using Facebook to market your business can get you recognized as a great company, but only at a fraction of the cost.

4. Distribution of materials

You have valuable content to share, but if no one sees your supporting content, what good is it?

It was the same with my father, before he helped him grow his business. He was really good at distributing material, even though he was stuck on the small island of Puerto Rico. He used traditional advertising techniques such as television, radio, print and e-mail.

The result? He collected 700,000 e-mail subscribers over an 18-year period. It has a large number of clients, but over 18 years? That’s not so good.

With my help, my father’s business has exploded in revenue via the Facebook advertising platform in three years and is now in at least eight different countries. He has about 1.2 million subscribers in Messenger and 2.48 million subscribers on Youtube!

So if you are looking for a simple and inexpensive way to distribute your content, Facebook advertising is very appropriate in this department.

5. Unique Personality

Let me explain what I mean by a clear profile.

If you have a computer in the living room of your home that everyone can access, including children and guests, and you’re logged into a Gmail account, they borrow to watch videos or search for things. However, user data becomes completely random and distorted.

I firmly believe that search engines such as Gmail and YouTube cannot provide business owners and marketers like us with the unique user demographics we need to identify our target groups.

However, the information on Facebook is USER data, because who shares the Facebook password? I don’t know.

Facebook’s information about people’s interests is based on the user’s personal preferences and interests. The audience you choose based on those preferences and interests will certainly fit in!

6. Retargeting

Let’s say you’ve discovered your entire audience that converts people who are truly passionate about your content and the nature of your products and services.

Well, Facebook can get the same kind of audience based on which it was so successful in creating a similar audience… you guessed it. The tastes and interests of your current audience.

Are you starting to see why I love this advertising platform so much?

7. Facebook and Instagram

In 2010, a new social network arrived and began to divert attention from Facebook. Insert Instagram

That’s why in 2012, Facebook made an offer to Instagram that they couldn’t refuse. Facebook offered to buy the new company for $1 billion and they took it over.

But, Instagram has grown 102 times since then! It is now valued at almost $102 billion (average).

Now 2 social networking giants work together like peanut butter and jelly. Once you log into the Facebook Business Manager, you can run campaigns on both Facebook and Instagram from a single board.

Facebook and Instagram campaigns can use the same photo and video on both platforms with only minor changes, if any. Or you can run unique creatives for each.

When you’re ready to use Facebook and Instagram ads simultaneously, add Instagram to an existing campaign by editing the ad settings for the location set or set up a new campaign on both platforms.

8. Facebook is Messenger

First, it is hard to imagine why Facebook separated its messaging platform and turned it into a separate Messenger application.

But, I can confidently say that it was a smart decision. Messenger alone has generated billions of dollars for Facebook in a short period of time. Why?

Because with the help of software like ManyChat Messenger offers you a bot that contains human elements. One that can attract potential customers, collect data and build relationships. For more information about Messenger and Manvechat, you can read a separate blog about them.


You have a total of 4 billion users at your fingertips.

About half the population of the Earth. Facebook and its familiar applications dominate the online world. Who knows, maybe in the next few years, about 100 percent of the population will.

So, are you giving up on the advertising platform that will soon rule the world? Skills or lack of knowledge? I can help you with that.

With the combination of this massive traffic and the conversion techniques, which I share in this blog, you will be on your way to online success for your business.


In the United States alone, there is an excess of about 200 million daily Facebook users.

Imagine that they see your product regularly. This can cause a tremendous branding effect. How?

Whether they need your product or service, sooner or later, branding helps you and your business people think.

One way could be to use techniques such as advertising retargeting. Sooner or later they have a problem and your product is the solution, excellent if you have taken advertising into account and encouraged their choice of Goto.

11. You provide the price

They focus on how their product will make a difference and impact the world.

So, if your main goal is also, then Facebook marketing is for you.

A girl holding a small capsule bottle

One of the easiest ways to provide a positive impact on the world is free education in the form of tips, surveys, and questionnaires on Messenger. Why do I trust Messenger so much? See reason #12.


Messenger often sees opening rates of around 90%.

Don’t you agree that’s pretty good?

Because of this epidemic, people have settled into their homes, and surfing social networks has become a national pastime. Even without today’s viral challenge, people are opening it up every time there’s a messaging notification.

These high rates of openness make their nutritional communication more effective than simple e-mail, which can only promote an average openness rate of 15%.

You have this, 12 reasons why you should start using Facebook to market your business.

Let me know in the comments section below, which of these 12 reasons do you want to start using Facebook to market your business?


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