Easy Ways to Translate Microsoft Word Documents


Do you have a Word document in a language you do not understand? Here you can find out how you can easily translate it.
Can’t read a Word document because it is in a foreign language? Fortunately, there is an option to translate your documents (or selected text) without leaving the Word app.

We’ll cover some ways to translate your Word documents into different languages. Some of these methods use the Word app, while others use online services to translate your document.

  1. to translate selected text in Word
    If you want to translate only certain text or parts of your Word document, you can use a Word function that translates only the selected word or text block. This will not affect any other parts of the document.
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You can access this selective translation function by performing the following steps:

Start your document in Microsoft Word.
Find the text to be translated in your document and select it with the cursor.
” At the top of the screen, switch to the “Check” tab “. Select “Language” and click on “Translate”, followed by “Translate selection”.
On the right side of the screen, a new area with your translations will open. In most cases, Word can recognize your source language. So you only need to select the target language.
Once your text has been translated and you are happy with it, click on Paste to insert the translated text into your document.
At the bottom of the translation area, you can view more details about your selected text and words. This includes the definition of the word means and its part of the language.

When you are finished translating your text, click X in the translation area to close it and return to your document.

  1. to translate an entire document in Word
    If you want to translate your entire Word document into another language, there is also a function for this. You do not have to select anything in your document. It takes the content and translates it into the language you choose.
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A great aspect of this Word feature is that your original document is not overwritten. It stays as is while Word creates a new document for your translated version. This ensures that you retain the original file.

You can use the full document translation feature in Word as follows:

Open your document with Word.
“Click the Review tab at the top, select Language, select Translate, and click Translate Document.
” Select the source and target languages for your document in the right pane. Then click Translate to start translating your document.”
Word creates and opens a new document with your translated text. You can save this document by clicking on the save icon as usual.

  1. using Google Docs to translate a Word document
    While Google Docs is a separate office suite, you can also open and work with your Word documents. Google Docs has a translation feature that you can use with uploaded Word files.
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This essentially uploads your Word document to Google Docs, translates the text and allows you to save the translated version on your computer. You can do this as follows:

Open a new tab in your browser and go to Google Drive. Here you upload documents to edit them in Google Docs.
Click on New and then on Upload File and select your Word document.
Right click on your document in Google Drive and select Open With, followed by Google Docs.
When the document opens in the Editor, click the File menu and select Save as Google Docs. You must do this because Google Docs cannot translate Word documents directly.
A new Google Docs file with the contents of your Word document will open. To translate this, click on the Tools menu at the top and select Translate Document.
Enter a name for your newly translated document, select the target language from the drop-down menu and click Translate.
Your translated document will open in a new tab. To save it as a Word document, click the File menu and select Download, followed by Microsoft Word.

  1. use online translators to translate a Word document
    If you are not satisfied with the translation feature of Word or would like to get a second opinion, there are several online tools available to translate your Word document from one language to another.
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Before using these services, please note that not all of them will retain the formatting of your document. If that doesn’t bother you, here are two online translation services that you can use for your Word document

  1. google translate
    Google Translate is probably the best free translator on the market and offers many languages to choose from. Unlike other Google services, you do not need a Google account to use this translation feature.

This is how you use it for your Word documents:

Copy the text to be translated from your Word document.
Go to the Google Translate website in your browser.
Paste the text into the box on the left and select the source language. If you are not sure, click on Detect language. Google Translate will detect this for you. Paste the text you want to translate
Select the target language in the field on the right and your translation will be immediately displayed in box.google translate
Copy the content from the field on the right and paste it into your Word document.
Your Word document is now translated.

2nd Online Doc Translator
Unlike Google Translate, Online Doc Translator does not require you to manually copy the text from your document for translation. You can upload your entire Word document to translate it into your chosen language.

The service uses Google Translate to do the job, so you know you’re getting a high quality translation for your document. It works as follows:

Open the Online Doc Translator site in your browser.
Click Upload File and upload your Word document.
Select the source and target languages. Then click Translate.online Document Translator
Click Download translated document to download your Word document.
Translate a Word document with a few clicks
Sometimes you may come across Word documents that are not written in a language you know. In these scenarios, you have both built-in and external options for translating your Word documents. Try the best for your needs and you will get a version of your document that is readable for you


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