Dominate the Stories of Instagram as an Influencer

Dominate Instagram Stories

Some time ago Instagram realized that there was another application that was stealing from younger users, Snapchat and its key were ephemeral videos that expired at 24 hours, as a master play, presented their stories that are already used by 250 million active users a day. That’s why, if you don’t want to stay off the hook, connect and attract attention, today we’re teaching you everything you need to know about these success stories in Instagram.

What is an Instagram story?

Let’s start at the beginning. An Instagram story is an image, video or text that has a life of 24 hours. We will see the stories of our contacts at the top of our Instagram feed. Their profile image will appear surrounded by a circle highlighted in pink when they have stories we haven’t seen. At the top of that list will be you.

In Instagram, we will be able to see old stories, both yours and those of your contacts, as many times as we want during the 24 hours in which it is active.

The number of stories that can be uploaded is infinite, but each one lasts 30 seconds and when it ends it goes on to the next one. We will know if a user has uploaded several because, once inside his story, at the top of the screen, we will see some lines in a faint white, the number of lines that there are indicated the number of stories there and also because history we go.

To see a story we only have to click on the profile picture of a contact or a user, it is not necessary to do it from the Instagram feed. Stories also have their own algorithm and it will first show us the new stories of those users that it has detected that we are most interested in.

Once we click the story will repeat automatically, we can move to the next by quickly pressing the screen. In this way, it passes to the next story of the same user, if it had more if it doesn’t have more it would pass to the next contact. If what that person or brand is saying does not interest us and has many stories, we can move to the next profile of the feed by sliding to the left.

As we have said, the reproduction of these lasts 30 seconds, either video or image, is automatic but we can stop it leaving the finger on the screen or see the previous ones sliding to the right.

How do I upload a story?
When you open the stories section the camera will open and you will see a big round button below. Click here to take a photo and if you want to record, you can record a video of up to 30 seconds. You will know how much time you have left on the edge of the circle is filled as you hold down, when you reach the end you automatically start recording another story.

You can also choose whether to record with the front or rear camera, activate or deactivate the flash or whether to put on a mask from the pile. In addition, the masks are updated and from time to time Instagram introduces new ones.

Instagram allows you to record consecutive stories with a minimum cut between them, so that it imitates a normal video. Each of these stories can be edited before uploading.

When you don’t want to record anymore, just lift your finger off the button, then the story video will loop until you finish editing it. When you have several parts to edit they appear as thumbnails at the bottom left of the screen. To delete the parts you are not interested in, click on them upwards so that the trash can icon appears and you can delete it.

Once you have your story ready, there are three ways to share it:

In your own story. This will activate the circle around your profile picture.
Send it to a friend privately. It will also disappear after 24 hours.
In your list of your best friends. Instagram allows you to create a list with your best friends to share insta stories privately with them.
It is not necessary to record or photograph something directly from Instagram in order to upload it, we can do it from our gallery. To do this from the screen of stories just slide up or click on the box on the left which appears a thumbnail of our last image of the gallery and will open the gallery and we can choose which photo or video to upload. We can upload any image or video that is in the phone. By default, the gallery will appear in chronological order, but we can search in a specific folder by clicking on the gallery. We can also select several files if we want to publish them all at once.

When that file is old it will appear by default as a sticker the date it was created. Anyway, we can delete it if we want.

Types of stories
Once you have all this clear, it’s time to share your own story. Think very well about the message you want to give and choose,

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