Why You Must Choose Digital Marketing Over Traditional Marketing

Why You Must Choose Digital Marketing Over Traditional Marketing

Hello Viewers! So before digging any deeper about Digital Marketing, lets know what is Marketing?  Marketing mainly means reaching your product or services to your customer by any means. People must know what products do you have? or What kinds of services do you provide or are you giving any offers to your customers? The process that will give the answer of all those questions can be called Marketing.

The purpose of marketing is to make people aware about your product or services thus they get interest in that. After that your sales is increase and your revenue increases and any company can make profit from this.

The main role of marketing role is making more people informed about your products or services.

Now next Question! What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is using digital medium to run your marketing. Like your mobile, computer, Television, Email, apps where you find your ads.

Now, let’s discuss why we must choose Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketin and what the benefits of digital Marketing are?

We will discuss the matter very easily with real life example.

Say, you have a huge banner ads that you have put in a road side. You are showing jewelry  advertisements. A beautiful lady is used as model in this ads.

Lets know its objections:

  1. Will every viewers of the advertisement are my target customer? Will all of them buy Jewelry?
  2. Have all my target customer has seen it?
  3. Can I control or take my money back if it is holiday in Saturday and Sunday. As no people will go over there in this time. Can I seek for refund?

Here we have mentioned some of the disadvantages of Traditional Marketing. Digital marketing have overcome these disadvantages.

Lets discuss all point one by one.

  1. Impression: In digital marketing we can identify how many people has viewed my advertisement. Moreover, we can also know, how many people has watched my ad for 1 second or more. We can see the percentage also. But, in traditional marketing it is not possible how many people has watched my advertisement for 5 seconds or who watched it for long 5 minutes.
  2. Clicks: How many people has clicked on my advertisement? And how many of them has shown their interest? Digital can tell you about this also. But traditional marketing can never solve this problems.
  3. Affordability: Here the example of big Advertisement in road side can only be given by big business entities. Any normal businessman cannot afford such big ads. They cannot use ads in any prestigious place. But in Digital marketing, if you think you are very small and cannot afford such big budget then you can start your marketing only by 10 Dollars. Which is really easy and amazing.
  4. Budget Control: please read our example above. We have said that, you cannot take refund of your money if it is holiday in Saturday and Sunday. But, in digital marketing you can determine that, you do not want to run ads on Saturday or Sunday. Then you can do it.

Moreover if you think that, people are sleeping from 12.00am to 6.00 am. So, why will I use money to show ads at that time. You still can stop ads in this time period. Through these process you can control your budtget.

  1. Scheduling: If you think that, my customer remains live from 9.00 am to 12.00 pm and I will run Ads in this time period. Moreover if you think that, you customer will be busy in watching TV or eating meal from 8.30 pm to 10.30 pm then you can also stop showing your ads.

So, you must have got the reasons why you must choose Digital Marketing over Traditional marketing for the development of your business.

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