Cloud Computing Characterstics

Cloud computing characterstics


Cloud computing have some of the following characteristics in order to meet client or user requirements and to provide qualitative services.

1) High scalability: It means on request provisioning of resources on a huge scale without requiring human cooperation with each service provider.
2) High availability and reliability:The availability of servers are more reliable and high henceforth it limits the chances of disappointment in the infrastructure.
3) Agility: It shares the resources among users and works very quickly.
4) Multi-sharing: Various customer and applications work all the more adequately with less cost by sharing fundamental infrastructure utilizing distributed computing.
5) Maintenance: Maintenance of cloud computing applications is easier as they are not required to be installed on each computer and can also be accessed from various places, ultimately reducing the cost.
6) Low cost: It is cost effective because the company no more needs to set its own infrastructure. It pays according to resources it has consumed.
7) Services in pay-per-use mode: APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are given to the clients for accessing the services on the cloud and pay on the basis of service is use.
8) On-Demand Self Service: Cloud Computing allows the clients to use services and resources on request for human interaction with cloud service providers. One can logon to a website whenever and use them. Computing resources include virtual
machines, processing power, storage etc.
9) Broad network access: Resources such as virtual machines, storage, processing power, can be accessed over a internet using heterogeneous gadgets like mobiles phones, laptops, computers, etc. Since cloud computing is internet based, it can be accessed at any time and from anywhere.
10) Resource Pooling: Cloud computing allows multiple occupants to share a pool of resources. One can share a single physical instance of database, hardware and basic infrastructure. For example, a physical server may host several virtual machines belonging to different users.
11) Rapid elasticity: It is very easy to scale the resources up or down at any time. Resources used by the customers or currently assigned to customers are automatically monitored and resources. It makes it possible.
12) Measured Service: In Measured service cloud provider controls and monitors every one of the parts of cloud service. It depends on capacity planning, Resource billing, optimization and etc.

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