Cancer does not affect either women or men: A Spanish study confirms this

Cancer does not affect either women or men
Cancer does not affect either women or men

Research carried out in Barcelona and the USA shows that biological sex affects almost all human tissues and determines the different risk of suffering from these diseases and the response to drugs.
According to a study by Northwestern University of Chicago (USA), in which the Hospital de la Santa Creu Research Institute is involved, biological sex has a “small but widespread influence” on the gene expression of almost all types of human tissue. i Sant Pau (IIB Sant Pau), the Center for Genetic Regulation and the University of Barcelona.

The research team has discovered previously unreported links between genes and complex attributes of men and women, including birth weight and body fat percentage, which leads to sex being considered a “biological variant in genetics” Human and genetic studies “, the IIB Sant Pau stated in a statement.

According to the authors of the study, published last Thursday in the journal Science, genes expressed at different levels in adult men and women are involved in many different biological processes, including the response to drugs. Control of blood glucose levels during pregnancy or in cancer.
These differences in genetic regulation could explain the different risk of suffering from diseases or influencing the response to medication in men and women. The discovery, the researchers say, will enable a major advance in personalized medicine.
Thus, complex diseases with an important genetic basis or response to drugs such as cardiovascular disease or cancer can be viewed from a “gender-specific perspective” based on the different expression of male and female genes.

On the other hand, from the IIB Sant Pau, they have stated that the results of the study will also have a great impact on the knowledge of the molecular bases involved in biological processes that are as important in the female domain as pregnancy or menopause.


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