Broadcom launches new product to surpass 2 Gbps via Wi-Fi

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Broadcom launches new product to surpass 2 Gbps via Wi-Fi
Wireless networks have improved a lot in recent years. It is a reality that we have more and more devices that we connect to through Wi-Fi. Especially with the rise of what is known as the Internet of Things, it is necessary to have networks with enough capacity to provide good speed and stability. Today, we echo the new launch of Broadcom. It is the Wi-Fi 6E processor that they have called BCM4389. Thanks to it we will be able to reach speeds higher than 2 Gbps.

Broadcom launches a new processor
Broadcom has launched a new processor called BCM4389. The goal is to be able to exceed 2 Gbps when surfing Wi-Fi networks. This will be achieved by taking advantage of the new 6 GHz spectrum and being able to connect multiple devices here. It will also allow the battery of these devices to be extended.

It should be mentioned that this processor, the BCM4389, is the first Wi-Fi 6E that will use the 6 GHz band. For the time being we will have to wait for it to be in operation. As we know, this means that the channel bandwidth is going to be wider, with what this means.

The BCM4389 processor is designed for smartphones and future augmented and virtual reality devices. The company has announced that this processor will also reduce latency. It will reduce congestion by connecting multiple devices and that will give better results.

Logically, the last thing we mentioned, the improvement in latency, will be essential for virtual reality. We have more and more devices that use it and the trend is for it to go further. Improving connectivity with what it means in stability and quality, will be essential to carry out different functions.

Regarding devices, Broadcom has indicated that there will be a wide range of home routers, gateways, business access points and devices for BCM4389. However, as we have indicated, we will have to wait until the new 6 GHz band is actually in operation.

We have more and more equipment connected
Wi-Fi networks are very important today. We have more and more equipment connected wirelessly and that also means a greater need for more powerful and capable equipment. If we look back at just a few years ago it was normal to connect by cable from a computer. That has changed, thanks in part to the rise of mobile devices.

But the trend indicates that the use of Wi-Fi wireless networks is going to increase. We have more and more IoT devices in our possession and that means we will need more powerful routers to be able to provide a good connection without interruptions.

All of this means that the use of more powerful processors will also result in increased speed. That’s what Broadcom wants, and they want to get over 2 Gbps when we surf over Wi-Fi networks. This is certainly a veryaz

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