Best Work From Home Jobs to Earn More Than $1000 Per Month

Best work from Home Jobs

Hello! In this article I will show you some very simple Work From Home Jobs that pay the highest in 2020.

If you read this full article and you implement just some of the opportunities that I’m going to show you can realistically make $2,000 or more every single month even if you just work part-time.

You can see the results of some of these opportunities here I have actually gone ahead and tested some of these job opportunities for you and research them in detail.

Seeing this you can be sure that these are legit best work from home jobs that you can do this year.

Hi everyone my name is Azam Shafiul. I am the owner of this blog

In this blog I publish regular post about work from home opportunities for making money online sitting at home.

I feel it marketing and blogging. So let’s discuss about best work from home jobs opportunity.

  1. UserTesting:

Best work from Home Jobs
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This first opportunity that I wanted to tell you about is that pays $10 for a 20 minute task. If you recalculate that into an hourly wage that’s $30 per hour which is actually really awesome rate for working online and working from home.

Usertesting is one of the most well-known and a very trustworthy platform where you can test other people’s websites for a certain amount of money.

In return all corporate websites need to make sure that their websites are easy to navigate.


So if you think of a website such as or Expedia or any financial institutions you will find thousands of companies out there have websites which receive millions of visitors.

They need to make sure that the functionality of their website is up to scratch. That’s why they hire people through websites such as usertesting to go ahead and do certain things on their website.

They want to make sure that the navigation is simple that there are no errors on the website.

You don’t have to have any technical qualifications to work on If you’re wondering whether the is legit.

No problem.

I’ve done the research for your.

Read it and there are lots of people who confirm that is completely legit for earning money sitting at home.

You can see replies just like that it sure is legit.

I also made a few hundred dollars in 2019 doing it.

There are lots of up-to-date comments confirming that it is completely legit.


I’ve actually got ahead and registered on and as you can see I have been getting lots of jobs and multiple jobs every single day.

They were sending me these requests.

I could go in and do the test. They pay approximately $10 for every 20-minute test that you complete and even more for interviews.

So depending on whether you end up getting jobs which are interviews or whether you actually need to complete a test on someone’s website you get paid at least $10 for a 20-minute test.

Isn’t it really good.

When you can see that you can do this from home in your spare time. There is a 60-minute moderated session or 30-minute moderated study.

For each of them there are a few qualification questions that you need to answer. If you actually qualify or not but they pay out on time.

I highly recommend that you register and start getting all of these opportunities so that you can start carrying out these usertesting and get paid for them.


  1. VIPKID:

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I want to bring your pace really good money between 15 to 22 dollars per hour which is pretty awesome. When you can see that that you can actually do this from home.

You don’t have to travel and you can work as many hours or as little as you like.

You can teach English online so as long as you can speak English reasonably. And the name of the website is VIPKID.

You can sign in to be a tutor on VIP kid.

What do VIPkid do: They provide an international learning experience to children in China between the ages of 4 to 12.

You can be a tutor who speaks English and teaches certain things to children in China between class four and twelve via online.

There is a requirement that the applicants need to have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. They’re saying we’re very strict about applicant’s education level and require you to have at least the bachelor’s degree.

There is also an interview process. If you’re interested in exploring it further, you need to go through an interview process.

However the interview takes place online so you can do this once again from anywhere in the world and you can prepare for the interview by reading the FAQ section to make sure that you know what is expected of you to make sure that you give yourself the best chance of scoring a job.

If the VIPKID pay between 15 to 22 dollars per hour to their tutors and you can select your own hours. So your total learning opportunities may vary and if you read about what kind of commitment. They can sign on as a six month minimum commitment but during that time you can work as much or as little as you would like.

I know that at the moment there are a lot of Bachelor qualified people who perhaps have lost their job or are in-between jobs.

This is an excellent option for someone in that situation.


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This website conducts easy surveys and pay in cash. There are no rewards none of that you actually get cash into your PayPal.

This website is super paid in cash.

I’ve actually signed up to it and I saw the opportunities on there the thing that I really liked the most about is that they pay out cash.

You provide your PayPal account and you get paid pretty quickly within 24 hours of completing a test.

They are reliable and  legitimate.

I’ve researched on reddit and there are lots of comments saying that it’s completely legitimate.

I’ve received $87.50 ever since I started there is even a screenshot here once you’re inside.

The dashboard of your super account you will be able to see all of the surveys.

If you go into paid service you’ll be able to see all of the surveys that you can complete in the top menu.


There are lots of surveys to explore and I have clicked around I’ve done quite a lot of investigation.

They pay quite well for a survey and this is something once again that is not going to make you reach.

If you have a little bit of spare time you can jump on this website and make a few dollars.

Generally the payouts seem to be just under $1 to just over a dollar.

Minimum payout on this website is just $1 so if you complete one of these and you get paid that into your PayPal account pretty much straight away.

4. :

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This website can pay $30 per hour or even significantly more.

In this website you can register and write content for other people.

You can become a freelance writer who is based on writersaccess. Com.


They will provide you with jobs you can apply for free there is no cost or fees to become a freelancer in this website.

You need to have Residence in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Ireland or New Zealand.

There is some screening and testing because this is a premium service you can make a lot of money.


You need to go through some screening and testing. You can earn three cents to two dollars per word.

You are paid depending on the research requirements project complexity.

This would most likely involve writing blog posts doing some basic research and writing some blog posts for other people for bloggers and for website owners personally.

In my case when I write my own blog posts I know that I can produce 500 words of top quality content per hour even if I have to do research.

We take 500 words per hour and we’ll multiply that by 3 cents this ends up being $15 per hour.


You are doing jobs that pay closer to $2 per words your skills go up and as your experience grows and as your star rating on writers access grows you can get closer to the $2 per word mark so even at $1 per word if you only write 50 words in an hour that is hundred dollars an hour.

You can make depending on the project that you manage to score on writersaccess that can turn into significant money over time.

As you progress through the ranks when writers access com.


I know that many of you reading this post are not based in english-speaking countries like Australia, US, England and so forth.

For those of you who are based outside of the english-speaking countries there is also an excellent opportunity we can make up to $50 per hour.

It’s a worldwide opportunity. You can do this from any country.

This is also content writing and the website is

they accept writers from all over the world and the earnings start at zero point seven cents per word and go all the way up to five cents per word.

These depends on the quality rating or the content that you produce.

As you get better you can progress towards the five-star rating once again considering pretty conservative 500 words per hour.


If you multiply that by 0.7 cents per word that’s three and a half dollars per hour which doesn’t sound very exciting but remember that we’re going with very conservative 500 words per hour and at the lowest tier.

If we look at the highest tier 500 words x 0.5 cents that’s 25 cents per word but as your experience goes up you will be able to produce 1000 words per hour or more which at five cents equates to 50 dollars per hour.


This is all of course just approximations. It gives you an idea that if you write anywhere from 400 to 1000 words.

If you are somewhere in between these stars they give you an idea of how much money you can earn in your spare time.





Work From Home Jobs
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The next opportunity is . If can pay you up to $12 per hour pretty realistically or if you’re actually quite good and quite faster.

You can earn a lot more and this is available to everyone worldwide. This opportunity is

It provides transcription and captions services for various businesses. For example for youtubers, for other businesses that produce video content or the deal with video.

These businesses come to rep calm and they order subtitles for transcription services. The opportunity for you is to become freelance at and perform these services for clients so to sign up.

Then go to their website and then at the very bottom.

Then go to join our team and see openings.

After that choose freelancers at the very top and you can learn everything that you need to know about it.

The opportunities that are open right now are all show here.


You then accurately types what is being said and labels who the speaker is.

There are multiple speakers you just need to say person a said that person B said this the range of pay for that is between 30 cents $2 10 per audio or video a minute.

The way that this works out if you’ve got an audio or a video that is 10 minutes long.

You will get paid anywhere from 3 to 11 dollars for that.

It will take you longer than a minute to transcribe a minute of audio or video you need to listen to it.

As you’re listening to it you need to transcribe it usually. Say, if I do something like this it takes me about four times the length of the fire to take the job to transcribe it.

In other words if I’ve got a 10-minute video or and I need to transcribe it in full it will take me four times as long.

So it will take me 40 minutes to transcribe it.

I can make anywhere from three to eleven dollars 40 minutes of course.

If we divide that by 60 is 0.66 of an hour so to calculate the approximate hourly rate here at the bottom end of the price range.

We would take three dollars which is the price for the 10-minute file and we will divide that by 0.66.

The hourly rate kind of at the bottom end of the scale would be about 4.5 4 USD per hour.

If we take it with a higher hourly rate and if someone pays $11 for that file we divided by 0.66 that’s 16$ per hour of work as a transcriptionist.

Though this money is not life-changing by any stretch of imagination.

However this can definitely be a great way to supplement your income especially if you’ve got some spare time or if you are in between jobs and you’re looking for a work from home type opportunity.

This can actually add up along with other things that I’ve shown.

You can start doing pretty simply and easily.

All you need to do to start working on and go head over to the page.

Read through all the info to take a quick quiz to demonstrate your English language and grammar skills.

As long as your skills are good you shouldn’t have any problems registering on Rev com.

No matter where in the world you are then you submit that transcription or caption.

It will then be reviewed to make sure that it meets the quality standards.


If you’re approved then you’ll be able to register and start earning straightaway if you know a foreign language.

If you come from a country or from a background where you know another language you can actually make even more money because for specialist subtitling services the rate is higher.

It is $0.50 to $3.00 per minute of audio or video which is really cool.

I’m sure that might come in handy to some of you watched the last site that I want to show you.


Work From Home Jobs
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This is a site which provide huge work from home jobs opportunities, where you can sell any skill for really good money that site is upwork. this is a website where I’ve personally spent tens of thousands of dollars hiring different freelancers for my business.

It is essentially like a marketplace where you as a potential freelancer can place your ad and your profile and businesses that need help with various aspects of their business.

You can get onto up work and they can hire either writers or customer service representatives, developers, lawyers, translators anything that you can possibly think.

Once you’re enough work you’ll be able to see the breadth of the services that are here.

If you want to make money online and you want to sell your time for dollars or you want to have a work from home jobs you can get onto up work.

You can register as an freelancer and then check what kind of jobs you can do.

Some of the jobs that don’t require specific qualifications are in the translation category.

This is great if you have a foreign language knowledge and you’re able to translate between different languages or from a foreign language to English or from English to another language.

There are some excellent high-paying jobs under the design and creative category.


If you have any qualifications or skills such as drawing or design you can get some amazing paying jobs in design and creative.

Something that I really wanted to specifically dive into it today is the jobs that anyone can do.

If you are watching this video you can do the jobs that I’m about to show you and that is located under the admin support and customer service categories.

If you are located in Australia and search how much people in general get paid for a customer service job in Australia when they work on

Just apply that filter location Australia so we can see that the going rate here for the customer service jobs in Australia is 20 US dollars.

This is the amount that you can potentially make if you register and you end up getting a simple customer service job as a freelance on upwork.

There are people that have made really good money 40,000 plus burns.

Upwork actually tracks the amounts of money that you get paid as a freelancer.

Some people have made 100,000 plus some people have made 10,000 10,000 20,000.

All you need to do is get your add-on to make sure that you model your ad after some of these ads that you can see.

Then apply for the jobs that are listed on up.

When you don’t have a lot of experience you might need to lower your hourly rate a little bit but as your experience grows and as your job success grows you will be able to go for higher hourly rates.

If you are based in another country you can still make reasonably good money with

Look at the freelancers that are based in India.

For example how much they can make as a customer service support person

We’ve got India 750 per hour and this agency has made over 30 and as we keep scrolling down the list we can see the different hourly rates and the amount of money that the contractors who work on upper calm as Customer Support Specialists end up making.

You can do all of this from home all you need to do is just have internet access.

You can do this from any country in the world so I highly recommend that you register on and go through the different categories and see which of these potential categories you can look for jobs in and then create in the category and start building up your profile on

So you can also make awesome money from home job that I want to mention and it’s not really a job.

It’s more of a business or a passive asset that I have grown over the years is blogging.

As you probably know if I make over $20,000 a month blogging so if you do want to check out. Learn also how to earn more than $1000 from your blog.


I think you have got a clear idea about work from home jobs. Try this and let us know your experience in the comments section below.


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