15 Best WordPress Table Plugins (Beautiful & Responsive)

best wordpress table plugins

If you write article in WordPress, you will be required to present your content in a more organized way, other than the paragraphs and lists that WordPress allows by default. Sometimes you need to present your information in a more visually appealing format: tables. In this article we’ll take a look at some of our best WordPress table plugins.

Tables make it convenient to find and understand. The presence of tables in blog posts can enhance conversion rates of you blog. It can also assist you with search engine optimization by increasing your chances of being presented in the “Recommended Snippet” section of Google SERPs.

Tables are just efficient when used to present other types of data or information. Even when readers are flipping through an article, they stop when they see a table and try to understand what it’s all about.

Tables are not currently a default feature of WordPress. However, this article introduces the best free and paid WordPress table plugins. We will determine which ones are best suited for your specific purpose.


If you want to incorporate tables in WordPress, you can use the “Table” block in the Gutenberg block editor plugin. However, it is not enough if you want to create more advanced and beautiful tables.


Fortunately, there are a handful of WordPress table plugins. With these plugins you can create tables without knowledge o fHTML or CSS .

Here is the list of the best WordPress table plugins to create beautiful and responsive tables.

  1. WP Table Builder

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WP Table Builder is a drag & drop plugin for WordPress tables. You can create beautiful and responsive tables easily. If you are known to these page creators, you will find it unbelieveably easy to create tables with this plugin.

The plugin has f 7 elements i:e:  Text, Image, List, Button, Star rating, Custom HTML and Shortcode. These elements are enough to create beautiful tables in your wordpress website..

  1. Posts table Pro

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If you want to Display content on your website in a searchable, sortable and filterable table is easy with Posts Table Pro. It has been developed over the time and has become an established brand name in this field. You can create instant data tables without data entry requirement.

You can use this plugin in many ways, from file and download management to designing a flexible video gallery.

Other features:

– List posts, pages and custom post types

– Full multimedia support, including images, embedded audio files, video players and media playlists

– AJAX-enabled so you can load posts page by page, reducing server load for long lists.

– Integrated with the Advanced Custom Fields plug-in to display all custom data for each custom post type.

  1. TablePress

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It is considered to be one of the best wordpress table plugins. TablePress is one of the best rated WordPress table plugins by the users on the market. Without utilizing any code you can create beautiful tables and embed them into posts and pages using the shortcodes. You can import and export data in microsoft Excel, CSV, HTML and JSON formats. It’s worth trying out the simple, no-nonsense approach of this free plugin to create stunning tables for your website.

In terms of numbers of installation, TablePress is the most popular WordPress table plugin. The plugin has a user-friendly interface. The plugin’s built-in shortcode makes it easy to display the tables in your posts, pages, widgets or sidebar. You can edit the table without writing code.

Other features:

– You can further improve your table by installing add-ons, some of which are fee required.

– Convert formulas and other forms of spreadsheet data into tables.

– Options for adding Javascript libraries for sorting, pagination, and other table functions

There are many other extensions that you can use to make the tables responsive, allow PHP code in the table, automatic URL conversion, etc.

  1. Toolset

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Toolset is one of the most versatile plugins on the market, because you can display your content as you like – even as a table.

You don’t need any code to create nice tables that highlight your website. You can choose exactly where to display your tables and what content to display. You can choose exactly where you want your tables to be displayed and what content they should display. For example, you might want the results of your custom search to appear in a table.

If you want to change your theme, you can also display them as bootstrap grids, lists, carousels, or other themes.

  1. Ninja tables

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Ninja Tables is a fast growing freemium plugin that makes your blog more comprehensive by adding different types of dynamic tables to your blog.

You can create different types of tables, such as common tables and comparison tables. You can even create a price table with the Ninja Tables plugin. The most important aspect of the plugin is its responsiveness with an intelligent breakdown service. The plugin is unique in terms of UI and UX.

With the Responsive Breakdown feature of this plugin you can solve the problem of responsiveness. You can also add custom CSS to make things customizable. With the Shortcode function you can publish tables anywhere on the site. All this can be done without knowing a single line of code.

  1. WpDataTables

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WpDataTables is an incredibly powerful plugin for creating tables for WordPress. With this freemium plugin you can create and customize beautiful tables without writing code. It is also possible to create tables from various existing sources like Excel, Spreadsheet, CSV, MySQL, XML or JSON files.

The built-in formula column makes your life easier by displaying automatically calculated values. You can edit the table both in the front-end and the back-end. The customizable preset conditions automatically highlight the relevant cells and rows.

WpDataTables can also be used to create interactive diagrams. Since the plugin is fully compatible with Visual Composer, you can use it with any premium theme. The documentation and step-by-step video tutorials are useful for using various theme features. You can get wpDataTables for $35


  1. League table

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League Table offers a premium solution for creating complex tables such as leaderboards, rankings, comparison tables, etc. With this plugin you can view detailed statistics about various sports teams, gadgets, educational institutions, medical facilities, etc. Visitors can sort the chart using multiple columns.

It is possible to select custom colors for different sections such as header font, background, even and odd row font, background, border, etc. The fully attractive table plugin has dedicated shortcuts. You can use the shortcode to display the table in different places on your website. You can get the plugin for $29.

  1. Thrive architect

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Formerly known as Thrive Content Builder, Thrive Architect is not a regular table builder plugin. Rather, it is a fully functional page creation system that allows you to create any layout for your blog. With Thrive Content Builder, you can create fully responsive tables.

The visual WYSIWYG table builder allows you to create exactly the type of table you want. You can edit the content by clicking on any table cell. The integrated table of contents is very helpful to skim your longer posts. You can also use it to create price tables.

  1. CSS3 Responsive Web Pricing Tables Grids

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If you want to create pricing tables that stand out from your business packages, you can’t go wrong with CSS3 Responsive Web Pricing Tables Grids. At $19, it’s one of the most affordable premium table plug-ins for WordPress. You can choose from a variety of table styles, color versions, and bands to create the look you want for your pricing table. The tables are created with CSS, making them lightweight and faster to load.

Other features:

Create unlimited rows and columns in a single table

The responsive layout is adapted to the screen size of the user’s device

Import and export data to and from the plugin

Get CSS3 Responsive Web Pricing Tables Grids for WordPress

  1. Advanced Tables

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If you want to edit the tables like in Excel, the plugin “Advanced Tables” is just the right thing for you. For $20, you can create responsive tables that can be added to any post or page using shortcode.

Other characteristics:

– Choose from over 20 materials and flat table designs to match your website theme

– Copy data and paste it into the plugin’s Excel editor

– Create floating headers for your tables

  1. Pricing table builder – simple price tables

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The name clearly indicates that this plugin was developed specifically for the creation of price tables. With this plugin you can also create and publish fully functional comparison tables. The fully attractive tables look great on any screen size.


You can select a presented column as a popular choice. The columns can be moved by drag & drop to change their position. Available customization options include the selection of font size, color, border style, etc.

There is also a premium version of the plugin. The Pro version includes 10 attractive templates, advanced customization options, tooltip, premium support, etc. You can purchase the personal license of Pricing Table Builder Pro for $29.

  1. GS Pricing Table

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The GS Pricing Table is another useful plugin to add beautifully designed price and comparison tables to your WordPress site. This responsive table builder offers some fantastic features like columns and rows for price plans, four different designs, custom CSS, etc.

  1. Table maker

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Creating simple tables to view product specifications or compare details shouldn’t cost you much, and with Table Maker it doesn’t cost you anything! With this simple plugin you can create responsive tables quickly.

Other features:

– Upload images to be used in your tables

– Import XML / CSV files into tables and export them to XML

– Label the first column

  1. Easy Pricing Tables

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Easy Pricing Tables is an easy-to-use WordPress plugin for price tables that helps you increase your sales. The importance of the design on a price page should not be underestimated when you consider the effect it has on conversions. This plugin is one of the most popular WordPress price tables plugins and allows you to add price tables to your website in no time.

Other features:

– 10 beautiful, fully customizable price table templates

– Add additional information in simple and clear tooltips

– Additional add-ons are available for additional performance

  1. AR Price

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ARPrice offers more than 200 price table templates to inspire you or use on your website. Edit the templates with the real-time template editor to get the look you want. With ARPrice for $22, you can create visually appealing tables.

Other features:

– Get an overview of how many clicks your pricing table has received

– Switch from monthly to annual payments to give visitors more ways to pay for your services

– Create animated price tables for a more dynamic display of your prices.

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16. Data-rich sites need a solid hosting

Note that displaying a lot of information about tables can be resource-intensive. Before you add important new features to your WordPress site, you need to determine if your current hosting can handle this workload.

Once you actually have traffic, you don’t want visitors to your site to experience unexplained delays. They won’t stay longer if it takes minutes to load a page, no matter how often they want to reorder their favorites Team Statistics. More importantly, you definitely don’t want all football hooligans to contact you to ask why your website is not working!

The advice we always give is to make sure that you have enough hosting before you start. We recommend two hosts that we have seen work well for our readers. The choice between them depends on the money:

If you are on a tight budget, SiteGround has a reputation for well-managed and well supported shared hosting at a good price. They are by far the best at this price level, especially in terms of their GoGeek level.

On the other hand, if absolute reliability and performance are more important to you than price, WP Engine offers the best possible managed WordPress hosting. I use it for most of my major money generating websites.

If this option is a bit outside your budget, Kinsta’s offering has improved exponentially in the recent past. They have a great support team to back up their services and are available at a lower price.


I have tried to bring all the widely used best WordPress Table plugins. The use of tables can significantly improve the user experience of your website. Since this article has introduced you to the best plugins for creating WordPress tables, I hope that you can choose the best one for you.

But if you are still confused, here are my suggestions –

– Use WP Table Builder if you want a simple and free solution.

– Choose Ninja Tables if you are looking for a premium solution.

After I make my recommendations, let’s find out which one is your favorite. If you had to choose one of these table building plugins, which one would you choose? Let me know your choice by comment.


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