Best Speech to Text Software Applications

Best Speech to Text Software

Technological advances and new things are invented day by day. People automate themselves day by day. Efficiency can now be improved by doing a lot of work in a very short time. If you take notes of your plans and ideas, you can organize yourself well and realize clear visions. However, the disadvantage of writing notes, thoughts or ideas is that it takes a long time. In a world where efficiency is very important if you want to be successful, every second counts. Therefore, it means that the time you spend writing notes can be used for other productive tasks. In this article we will talk about Top voice to Text application. This post will discuss about best speech to text software apps:

Again, there’s no need to worry now, because as always, technology saves the day. Voice to Text or Speech to Text software allows you to translate voice to text using your voice to create documents or notes that save you a lot of time and gradually increase your efficiency.

Speech to text software uses speech recognition technology to convert your spoken words into written words. This means that when you speak or record your voice message, this software automatically converts the voice recording into written words without any additional effort on your part. This means you can take notes, edit documents or send memos simply by speaking and continue working on your project or preparing your lunch.

It is worth mentioning that sometimes you are faced with the situation of having to convert someone else’s spoken words into text. This could be a speech from a film, a video conference or an online video. You can use these applications in real-time. But what if you need to rearrange the information in the video to shorten or change the final text? In this case, using Movavi Screen Recorder, a fast and convenient screen recording program, would be a good solution. Simply record the voice and convert the clip to text using voice-to-text apps. You can also use the Movavi Video Suite, which not only records the voice, but also allows you to easily handle your multimedia content. Listen!

And now that you know what Speech-to-Text software is and how it works, here is a list of the best Speech-to-Text programs

List of The best Speech to Text software

Dragon house

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Everyone, from students to workers, can use this software as it is one of the best voice-to-text applications. Designed for the PC, this program helps you get more work done as you dictate homework, send emails, write reminders, and much more using only voice commands. In its team, Casa de Dragon integrates its specific voice and helps transcribe its voice messages into text with 99% accuracy. You can create voice commands to access and control the actions of your devices.

The software adds these voice commands to the editing functions to ensure that the text is played back correctly immediately after the punctuation and formatting options you select from the tools offered by the program are provided. Dragon is compatible with both Windows and Mac and includes commands that allow you to format and edit all text using only your voice. It also includes custom commands for computer actions and file transcription.

Availability: Windows.

IBM Speech to Text software

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With its powerful real-time speech recognition, IBM is easily one of the best voice totext applications. This software translates audio from 7 languages and at a recording speed. You can customize the software to meet your needs by improving accuracy levels and by looking at the type of content you want to use. The use of audio is irrelevant to IBM because it transcribes different types of audio, whether it is a simple reminder or an analysis of a topic.

This program also works with low quality audio to identify the topic of discussion and is able to identify different speakers in your audio and convert the audio to text when necessary. It has a simple user interface that you can work with and is easy to navigate, saving you time and energy to do your job for you in the shortest possible time.

Availability: online.


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This Speech to text software can be used With a free trial version, Temi comes with a number of features such as an audio to text converter. It works as an advanced speech recognition software and accepts audio and even video files of all types and converts your language into text in five minutes using automated software. With Temi you can create your files, edit them and then exchange them with the availability of transcriptions. These transcriptions are delivered with individual time stamps and speaker identification. Best of all, you can save and export your application transcripts in MS Word, PDF and many other formats as needed. You can also receive the transcripts by mail.

However, the quality of the stored transcript depends on the sound quality. So, to get good copy quality, you need good sound quality. Temi also comes with an editor that helps you edit your saved transcriptions before exporting them from the application to keep them as your own forever.

Availability: online; it has an application for Android and iOS.

Braina Pro

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With its clear user interface and concise features, Braina Pro is the ideal speech-to-text application for everyone. This program is capable of recognizing and dictating language in over 100 languages. This program also has a mobile application, so you can only work with your voice, away from your computer. With Braina, you can perform and complete various tasks, such as setting up reminders and alarms, reading e-books, searching files on your device, and much more. It works like a personal assistant, only a virtual one powered by artificial intelligence.

Braina has the ability to record and save your audio data and can edit it later. The software also supports built-in computer microphones, so you can make clear, high-quality audio recordings and prepare your files for text transcription. All this takes just a few minutes and you have your file transcribed. Braina also has features that allow regular software updates, world-class support, the ability to browse files and folders, and save commands in English and many other languages.

Availability: window.



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If you want to transcribe audio or video files with little to no effort, Transcribe is the answer you’re looking for. To increase your efficiency levels and save time on work, Transcribe works in 3 different ways: by converting speech to text with automatic transcription, by converting your speech to text through accurate dictation, by transcribing speech to text using the built-in player and editor. All these methods were put in place to help with a seamless flow of audio or speech to text. This app supports over 80 languages from all around the world and also allows you to import files from places like Dropbox.


Transcribe offers editing features to your transcribed file by exporting the raw text to a word processor so that you can edit and format the file to your preference. Transcribe automatically saves every keystroke and ensures that your work is secure and kept private for you.


Availability: online.



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The big little speech to text app

Free tier
Team collaboration
Export options
Live captioning

Otter is a cloud-based text-to-speech program specially designed for mobile use, e.g. on a laptop or smartphone. The application provides real-time transcription so you can search, edit, play and organize as needed.

Otter is marketed as a specific application for meetings, interviews and conferences to facilitate rich note taking. However, it is also designed for team collaboration and different speakers are assigned different speaker IDs to make transcripts easier to understand.

There are three different payment plans, the basic plan is free of charge and, in addition to the above features, also includes keyword summaries and a word cloud to help you find mentions of specific topics. You can also organize and share audio and video files for transcription, import them and make them available for free for up to 600 minutes.

The premium plan is priced at $8.33 per month with annual payment and includes, in addition to the existing features, advanced and massive export options, the ability to synchronize Dropbox audio, additional playback speeds, including the ability to take silent skipping breaks. The premium plan also allows up to 6,000 minutes of text-to-speech.

The team plan costs $12.50 per user for a minimum of three users and also includes two-factor authentication, user management and centralized billing, as well as user statistics, voice prompts and live captioning.


These programs are sure to help you save your precious time. But in case you need to turn someone else’s recorded speech into text, you may need handy screen capture software, such as Movavi Screen Recorder. Record videos in high quality and then transcribe the video to text for your use. Download the program to increase your chances of getting work done and improve your success levels.


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