Best Instagram Video Downloader Apps 100% free to download

Best Instagram Video Downloader

Instagram has now become the most popular social media platform among others. Every day, more than 100 million users remain active on Instagram. Instagram provides the best content in the form of photos and videos; Sometimes we want to save or upload photos and videos to our smartphone. Here in this article, best download apps for Instagram videos to download now, we have listed some of the best Instagram video downloader apps. Moreover we will discuss about how to download instagram videos on pc using gramsave.

Lets discuss about Best Instagram Video Downloader apps :

IV Saver Photo and Video downloader for Instagram and IGTV

The app is a great tool for uploading Instagram videos and photos. This app also saves the details / captions / hashtag of Instagram Image / Video.

Characteristics :

  • No login required
  • Republish, share, play and download videos and photos without link copy-and-paste (fully automated)
  • You can also download IGTV videos


  1. Inst Download – Video & Photo

This application allows to download videos and images from Instagram. The application works by copying the link or URL of the video or image, then pasting it into the Inst Download application, which automatically detects the downloaded video or image, then you can save it to your device, then republish it on Instagram; share Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and other social networks

Characteristics :

  • Simple to use
  • Nice user interface
  • Download videos quickly and download images from INSTAGRAM links or URLs.
  • Easily save to your device or repost on Instagram


3. Quick Save :

Quick Save App is another one for Downloading photos and videos from Instagram. The app has a build in functionality to edit your favorite photos or videos with different color filers and editing tools and you can also share directly on instagram. Now you can make 9 grid images for Instagram, or you can photo-split.

Features of Quick Save apps:

  • Cool user interface
  • Make 9 grid image from Instagram
  • Edit Video and photos with filters
  • Easily download instagram Video and photos
  • Automated system, no need to copy and paste the link

How To Use:

  • Just open Quick Save app and Minimize it
  • Now Open your Image and then click on “Copy Share URL” from oprions
  • Open the Quick Save Now you can see the list of images and videos.
  • Download
  • 4. FastSave for Instagram


This is another Instagram video download tool, like other applications mentioned this application helps us to download Instagram videos and photos.

It is different from other photo video download applications for Instagram, it is very easy and fast to use to download videos and record HD photos.

  • Features :
  • You can record multiple photos and videos.
  • Quickly view the stories saved in a bar at the top of the main screen.
  • Get user details by pressing and holding the saved photo and video.
  • Fast download speed.
  • Great dashboard to quickly manage saved photos and videos.
  • Amazing photo views with slideshows and more.
  • Repost, share, delete photos and videos from FastSave App.
  • Hide your recorded photos and videos Instantly save to a secret locker.
  • Download
  • 5. Video Downloader – For Instagram Repost app
  • This is another better application for downloading Instagram video and downloading Instagram photos absolutely free of charge.
  • Features :
  • Upload videos and photos or reload from Instagram & Vine
  • You can also download IGTV downloader
  • Copy Instagram & Vine tags
  • Share your favorite videos and photos with others
  • Follow these simple steps to re-display or upload photos and videos from Instagram:
  • Step:1 – Open Instagram or Vine and copy the sharing URL;
  • Step:2 – Paste the URL on the Instagram video downloader;
  • Step:3 – Then download or reload.
  • Download
  • We hope you you like our article :
  • Best Instagram video downloader apps download now
  • Instagram video downloader apps

Review on another best instagram Video Downloader online:

How to Download instagram videos on PC or Online

  • How to upload photos or videos from Instagram?
  • Visit the Instagram website.
  • Open the image or video you want to download.
  • Copy the URL of this image or video or copy the URL of the profile.
  • Paste into the form above.
  • Click on Download.

Instagram Video Downloader Gramsave Brief Discussion:

Instagram Photo Uploader, Instagram Video Uploader
Social media may be the best way to express yourself and your feelings. From grief to happiness, you can share everything without the slightest hindrance and without fear of being judged. Today we are going to talk about one of these platforms that is used by a large number of people mainly for entertainment purposes. Although it is a social media containing images and videos, you are still not allowed to download them, mainly for privacy reasons. In this article, you will learn more about this free service with which you can download these images and videos in a second and two known as Instagram video downloader.

Instagram is recognized as one of the largest and most renowned photo sharing sites on social media and tens of millions of users upload their photos daily. If you like a photo, Instagram can add it to your favorites to access it later, but what if it has been removed? Of course, you can’t download the image later because it’s not part of Instagram’s features.

Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to upload photos and videos from Instagram. Some do so for reasons of motivation or inspiration, others as a competition, others still to set their objectives, etc.

So just because the original application doesn’t have a download bar doesn’t mean that you can’t download it. This is where our website comes into action, allowing you to download anything at any time without too much effort.

This web application has integrated the best Instagram photo uploaders, Instrgram video uploaders and Instagram slide show uploaders. In addition, it also has the features of the Instagram hashtags downloader and the Instagram private profile downloader.

If you want to download Instagram images or download an Instagram video from Instagram, simply copy the URL of the image or video you want to download and paste it into our web application. In a moment, you will be notified if this video or image is downloadable or not and if so, the download will start shortly. Our website is not only convenient, it does not freeze your phone because it is too light. Thanks to its built-in layer, you can immediately access your video without having to visit the video or image gallery over and over again.

Here are some of the features of Gramsave:

  • You can record multiple Instagram images and videos at the same time using the Instagram Photo Uploader.
  • This website allows you to record videos from anywhere in Instagram and it can also appear as an Instagram carousel or download slideshows.
  • This website has an ultra-fast download speed. All your videos and photos will be uploaded in a few seconds via Instagram video downloader.
  • You can upload photos and videos from Instagram using hashtags or keywords.
  • You can also upload videos and photos from Instagram’s private profile.
  • You can easily download the Instagram carousel and Instagram slideshows.

It is important to know that this software is not at all linked to the Instagram and its developer but that it works separately and has its own operating mechanism. Although the website uses links from photos and videos but is not attached with the Instagram application


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