Benefits of Keyword Research

Benefits of Keyword Research
Benefits of Keyword Research

In this article we will dive into the benefits of keyword research for a moment now cured research is so important for so many reasons. But I’m just going to cover the three most important outside of the being the foundation of SEO right and putting those keyword terms in the crucial places on your site and in your content.

Outside of that keyword research is really important because it shows you exactly what your prospect customers really want which saves you time money energy just guessing right.

We’re not doing any of that guesswork. We’re taking that out by doing keyword research that’s going to show us what terms these people actually are looking up in the search engines and not only that we’re going to find out how much search volume these terms are getting.

Elaborated Discussion about Benefits of Keyword Research:

Benefits of Keyword Research

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done keyword research for people where they come to me with a list of terms and they think that they’re going to get hundreds and thousands of searches from these terms


It turns out they’re only getting 5 or 10 searches a month and they’re really surprised but that’s why we do keyword research so that way we know exactly how much search volume you know we can we can start guesstimating and we can start thinking about our business in a more strategic way because we’re not just guessing. Oh I think this term will be good.


No, we’re actually getting to see here’s what people are typing in here’s the term that we should be using so that we get this much traffic. Another great reason why. Keyword research is so important and so vital is that it allows us to custom tailor all of our content and products and marketing materials around our target customer and what their pain points are when we do deep keyword research we get to see way more into our market and into our niche and that gives us so much more information about what our prospects are feeling what they want to learn more about what are what their pain points are and that way we’re able to create.

Solutions for those problems with our content and our products. ┬áSo that way they’re happier when they buy our things. And of course, our customer retention rates are going to be better as well. Not only will our sales be better but our store our customer retention rates will be better as well because we are better able to meet the needs of those prospects.


Benefits of Keyword Research

When we’re in touch with them and in touch with their problems and the language that they’re using. Another reason keyword research is so vital is that it helps us win over more traffic convert conversions. And it also helps us meet the real needs of the customers that we’re trying to serve which will of course go on to help us earn more income over time.


So those are the three biggest benefits of keyword research and why you don’t want to skip over this step. The other reason that you don’t want to skip over this step is just obviously when you’re not in touch with your market there’s going to be a lot of things that you miss out on.

And this keyword niche research that we are going to be doing together is going to help you so much in getting your website off to the best start possible. It’s going to help you get the best SEO foundation for your website for the long haul. You know it’s going to help you pick out the right categories for your website.

And tags and what you should name your pages and all of those sorts of details where you may just think Oh I’ll come up with this stuff off the top of my head no there’s research so that we don’t have to come up with this off the top of our head and that we can plan strategically and get way more traffic way more visitors and way more conversions by using these terms in a very strategic way. I hope that in this short video I’ve at least covered why you don’t want to skip over this step and why keyword research is so incredibly important.

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