Apple claims Not to use Facial Recognition in Stores

Apple claims Not to use Facial Recognition


If Apple is accused by a young American of leading to a false arrest, the apple brand ensures that it does not use facial recognition in its stores.
Apple is currently being sued by a young American, who finds that the company’s facial recognition device resulted in his arrest while he was innocent. It is in the stores that the brand would use such a device, which the mark with the apple denies.
Apple defends itself (not to check out)
Aged 18, Ousmane Bah currently claims no less than a billion dollars to Apple because of false accusations against him. As a reminder, a thief used his identity to steal many products in the Apple Store. The documents used then included the name and the first name of the young American, but no photo. It would have been enough for the American firm to register the face of the thief in shop with its facial recognition device and considers it to be Bah.

Apple claims Not to use Facial Recognition

For the latter it is therefore the error of Apple that led to his arrest and suspected theft he did not commit. And for good reason, during one of the flights he was accused of, he was then … at his prom. According to him, these events are the source of “a lot of stress and difficulties”.

Nevertheless, Apple ensures that it does not use a facial recognition device in its stores, which would then prevent it from having made the mistake of which Ousmane Bah accuses it. A spokesman for the Apple brand refused to comment on the case and the lawsuit the firm is targeting, but he still assured that it did not use facial recognition in its stores.

Ousmane Bah filed a lawsuit against Apple on Monday, April 22, claiming a billion dollars to the brand. The documents also mention “Orwellian surveillance” due to the use of such a system. For now, the charges against the young American have all been dropped except one, for a theft in one of the stores located in New Jersey. Sol from now on Apple claims Not to use Facial Recognition

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