7 Reasons Blogging is a Great Source of Traffic


Why Blogging is a great Source of Traffic:

  1. The blog creates authority: Having a blog and writing articles on important topics relevant to your audience is an authority in space. and makes you cooler than you really are 😉
  2. Customers love blogs. It’s no secret that people like to read articles and blog posts and often look for them. Give your customers what they want!

3 Blogging helps convert traffic to customers: The reason why you want traffic is probably not only because of the traffic, but also because you want to convert that traffic to clients or users. Blogging can transform traffic into a flow of potential customers and into a flow of potential customers. We’ll talk about this in more detail later in this article.

4) Blogging is free: It takes time, but there is no money. If you are a novice entrepreneur, independent author or independent consultant, free traffic is a prerequisite. But who does not like freedom of movement?

5) Blogging can be a long-term sustainable channel for marketing. Advertising on Facebook comes and goes, but articles on your blog are always indexed by Google.

6 Blogging “warms up” your cold call and traffic from other sources. If someone sees your advertisement on Facebook or receives your cold call, they may be more receptive if they read your blog and get additional value from it.

7) Blogging can lead to other business opportunities. For example, the obligation to hold conferences or press conferences. People have asked me to speak at conferences and events, quoting my blog articles. I was also asked to return the LinkedIn group to my section because I posted my blog posts there.

There are three other reasons why you should start blogging today.

There are so many reasons why you should blog! The most important thing is to increase your traffic to the site. Before you learn how to blog to increase your site traffic, let me give you a few more reasons to blog:

1. The letter helps you think. This makes you teach yourself what you don’t know and formulate what you know.

2. become your own media company. Tell your story the way you want it, no matter what the journalists do.

  1. this is a great way to get in touch. In addition to clients, you can also get other professional contacts that can help you.

Your company: You can find potential partners, new employees, partners, journalists, etc. through your blog.

Two More ways of blogging can increase your website traffic.

  1. Research

Suppose you choose to index your blog entries by Google. As a result, you increase the likelihood that people will find you in the course of research. If your text matches the keywords you’re looking for, you’ll increase your chances even further. Remember that people are not always looking for product names or even product categories, but also for answers to their questions or solutions to their problems. Blogging is a good way to be such a solution.

Words that people are looking to increase your chances even more. Remember that people are not always looking for product names or even product categories, but also for answers to their questions or solutions to their problems. Blogging is a good way to be such a solution.


Eight ways to increase traffic in blogging 

  1. To be the answer to your clients’ search queries. Search by keyword to determine what people are looking for. Create relevant content.
  2. Write articles ranging in size from 500 to 1,250 words. Customers and Google love the content in this area. If it is shorter, it will probably not be of great value. If it takes too long, people can get bored.
  3. write interesting, valuable and/or educational articles on the blog. Know your audience and what they want. If you don’t know, ask him. Write epic content that people bookmark, share and link to. Sharing information and connections can lead to great results!
  4. Adding photos to increase engagement. Photoblogs tend to stand out more than others (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). They also reach out to the public as soon as they find themselves on the sidelines.
  5. Share your blog posts on social channels and relevant social networks. If you sell your products to companies or professionals, don’t forget to share them on LinkedIn. If you’re offering your services to developers or entrepreneurs, share them with them on Hacker News. Find out who your target customer is and where they are online. Break up.
  6. add some personality. Make sure your messages are informative and/or informative but don’t be afraid to add colors. It builds relationships and adds a human factor. People like that. The blogger who, in my opinion, does this best is James Oltoucher. …tells. his. stories. about. his. opinions. and. his. beliefs.
  7. to write consistently. You don’t have to blog every day, but try to do it at least once a week, so that when people come back to you.Paige, you will have something new to read. It will also keep you in the habit of blogging.
  8. use WordPress. WordPress is a blog platform that makes it much easier to improve SEO. It’s easy to edit link structures, meta-descriptions, etc. Yoast and other WordPress plugins make it easy to optimize SEO.

Two blogging tactics to convert traffic into customer data

  1. Blogging is not only a great source of traffic, it can help you convert traffic into links and lead to customers. Here are some tactics you can use to increase the number of visits.
  2. create a mailing list. Make sure that people subscribe to your mailing list. Someone can land on your site, not buy, and then turn away and forget you. But if they like the content of your blog, they can subscribe to your mailing list. You can then activate them after sending your future blog posts.
  3. send messages to your blog instead of sending more annoying emails about your sales. If you are one step ahead of you when trying to get through the pipeline to a customer, the content of your blog will give you great ammunition. Instead of writing sales emails, add an entry to your blog, orsend it yourself, if it’s relevant to them. You will appreciate the value you offer them (provided it is well published on the blog). And it will show your experience in space (again, assuming that the contribution is good).
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