Is it crazy to say that COVID-19 has changed everything? In th is article we will discuss 5 tips to use manychat during this pandemic.

This terrible global epidemic has forced companies to re-evaluate how they do business and whether they can survive this indefinite period of coronavirus.

More than ever, this is an era where it is important to build and nurture a customer, client or patient through interaction.

This is where ManyChat comes in.

If you have been following me for some time, it is no secret that I am a big fan of many people and predetermined conversations I can have with him.

But, if you are not yet familiar with many chats, this is a software integration that allows you to turn Facebook Messenger into an automated system that answers questions, provides education and helps people at any time of the day or night. It forms a relationship with.

If you haven’t closed an account many times, set it up now and come back to this article.

Now that you have done this or if you already have a Criterion account, I would like to give you some proven strategies that I can use for some of my most important clients, like Dr. I do it for Eric Berg, Daymond John and Frank Suarez.

#1 Education first

Many people are interested in learning something about a new product or service before making a purchase. Therefore, if you can personally provide data and advice on the product or service that interests them, it will be helpful to build a relationship and eventually make a sale, right?

The only problem is that you can’t talk to everyone interested in your products or services on your timelines, but you can schedule interactive educational conversations on your multi-chat channels.

One way to do this is by creating questionnaires and surveys in multiple stages. To see a real-life example, you can visit my best subscriber, the Daymond John Messenger channel right now.

#2 Offers free services

Who doesn’t like to get something for free?

Guys, people usually don’t buy from the first meeting and if selling is your first step with people who are new to you, I think you’ll lose the game.

So why not start something free for people, but be meaningful to them as a mini-course? You can teach them new skills or reveal new opportunities for them, creating a lot of value and goodwill without having a hard time setting it up. Dr. See a real life example with the Berg channel.

#3 A good first impression

Your main menu will provide your customers with basic, but necessary, options that can help guide them on how to interact with your channel.

You can direct them to valuable information such as free courses, surveys, questionnaires or recommendations. You can also provide them with a link outside your website such as Messenger or give them the option to contact you.

The main menu is a place to help your customers find important information that is not a place for them to buy and sell something.

#4 Make it super interactive

It’s time to relax your creativity.

With Flow Builder, you can provide your customers with various conversations and options that will guide them through the different stages and continue to give them value to gain their trust in the process.

You should never feel limited in your desired conversation flow.

#5 Talk to them everywhere

This is a great achievement when people subscribe to your Messenger channel, but now you may also want to expand the conversation to text messages and emails.

This is important because on March 4, 2020, Facebook adjusted the rules for messaging marketing.

I made a full video explaining the changes, you can watch it here.

An effective way to get email and phone numbers is to ask customers between conversations if they can provide valuable information via email or SMS.

An example might be if customers are in the middle of a test or survey, you can ask permission to send your results by email or SMS.

It is a good idea to remind them that the information they provide will be kept confidential and will not be shared.

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