4 free applications to help you organize your tasks

4 free applications to help you organize your tasks

If you are looking for a program that allows you to manage tasks, we will present four applications that have been very successful and have a large number of users. If you think that you don’t need a task manager right now, read on and discover how useful these tools can be.

A good task manager will help you organize everything you need to do all day long. It is very handy at work, but you can also rely on it to order the rest of the day. It allows you to do things like:

Create different lists corresponding to different tasks and organize them according to your interests.
Assign them a priority or a difficulty level.
Define a deadline to complete each task. Depending on this date, the alarms and reminders will help you not to miss a single one.
Classify tasks by major projects and assign them a common goal.
Add material to complete each task, such as photos and other file types. That way, you can have the information at your fingertips when you get down to business.
Access your information from multiple platforms and devices.
Share tasks with others to generate collaborative projects and delegate pending tasks.
The best tools for managing tasks
Applications come out constantly. There are so many that it is easy to get lost. If you finally decide on one and later it turns out that it doesn’t work well, you have wasted time adding and organizing the information. The four applications we will talk about are highly tested by users. They are stable and have a proven track record.

Trello. It’s like a large blackboard on which we put various notes in the form of cards. You can create multiple boards and add lists in each one. Each list contains cards to which you can add text, images, captions and deadlines. Cards can be moved from one list to another simply by dragging them. When you have completed the task defined on a card, put it down and it disappears from the board. To collaborate with other people, all you have to do is invite them to your board and assign them the cards that correspond to them.
Todoist. This application contains very interesting features. The first is that it synchronizes with other tools that are normally used, such as Google Calendar for dates and Dropbox and Google Drive for file storage. The type of files supported is also very complete: Images, audio and video. Includes geolocalization, which allows you to receive a notification when you go through a particular site. Another very useful feature is the Productivity Indicator, which allows you to close everything that is pending.
Wonder list. Tasks you add with this app will appear in your inbox. On this site, you organize them according to when you want to meet them, on the day, during the week, or on a specific date. It is the perfect application for teamwork. You can delegate tasks to other users with an account. Lists, projects and even reminders can be shared. It also supports many types of formats that can be added to any task. You can attach images, PDFs and even presentations.
Nozbe. We included it in the selection because it is another application with the longest history. However, it is a fee. One of the defining features of this tool is that you can assign a color to each project, which allows you to evaluate at a glance what is outstanding. You can synchronize tasks with Dropbox, Google Calendar, Evernote and something very handy with Twitter. If you assign tags to tasks, searching is much easier

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